Savchenko explained why not attempt Lyashko when he offends her

Faction people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko said that he pays no attention to what her leader says “Radikalnoe party “Oleg Lyashko.

The network has ridiculed the work of Savchenko in service “Sex by phone”

Answering the question of the viewer, why Savchenko does not respond to insults Lyashko, people’s Deputy noted: “I am a strong woman, so do not beat weak. Moreover, I do not follow Oleg Lyashko, and the more I follow what he says about me. That’s all I can say about it. And let it be on his conscience. As it says “the opponent rotok, and will not loan me a handkerchief”. So I just don’t pay attention,” — said Savchenko, the TV channel ZIK.

She also stated that the notion of “separatism” in the Donbass no, and the enemy of Ukraine is exclusively Russian.

Savchenko added that diplomacy must work even during the war, “therefore, it is necessary to speak about a ceasefire, the return of prisoners and the end of the war.”