Kyiv should remember about the Donbass, speaking about the referendum in Catalonia.

Official Kyiv should be as cautious in his comments regarding the referendum on the independence of Catalonia, said the people’s Deputy from “Radical party” Ihor Popov.

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The government of Catalonia is going to hold the 1st of October, the referendum on independence, which does not recognize the Spanish government. Spain’s constitutional court suspended all documents regarding the vote taken by Generalitat and the Catalan Parliament. Thus, the court declared all further actions of the Catalan authorities on the preparation of the referendum illegal.

“Official Kyiv to be as careful about it (the referendum in Catalonia — Ed.). On all international markets with Russian speakers and henchmen speculate concepts of the right of Nations to self-determination. I myself have many times played with counter-arguments that, in accordance with international charters and declarations, such rights should be realized within the framework of internationally recognized borders. And the Spanish delegation to us here has always supported”, — Popov wrote on his page in Facebook.

Comment by Igor Popov on the referendum in Catalonia

The MP also drew a parallel with the Ukrainian realities.

“And if someone in the new law on de-occupation will offer OGLO special status (such as it is now is Catalonia part of Spain), then the next day Galicia asked the same status, which is Galicia. And a year will go a parade of referendums. So don’t play”, — said Popov.

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According to polls, the independence of Catalonia supports 41% of the population of the Autonomous community, 49% oppose. For a referendum on the status of the Autonomous community are 80% of Catalans, but most of them believe that the conduct of the voting must be agreed with the Central authorities in Madrid.