Fears that the car is driving erratically across Melbourne CBD

There is a strong presence of the police of Melbourne Flinders St after the incident at 8am in the morning that ended when police tasered a knife-wielding driver.

Dramatic footage shows men police who might be aged in his teens — in a kind of black military-style helmet and a combination of walking on the road with a baton.

Officers stopped the traffic and trams in all directions that they had brought the incident under control.

The drama comes a day when the Victorian capital will be packed with fans attending the AFL grand final at the MCG, and with increased fears of terrorism.

The Police insist that there is no specific threat and are doing everything they can to keep people safe — but this morning, it is the drama, you will return to the horror of what happened in the vicinity of Bourke street, earlier this year.

Six people have been killed in a horrific carnage when Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26, allegedly drove his car into a crowd of people. He has been charged with 28 counts of attempted murder on 20 January incident.

Terror at the train station of Flinders Street Station. The Police bomb squad inspect the car on Flinders Street in Melbourne. Photo: Tony Gough

The Police and the bomb squad with sniffer dogs, to check on a Rav 4 on the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets, Melbourne. Photo: Jason Edwards

Police said emergency services were called to the corner of Swanston and Flinders streets shortly before 8 am.

“The Critical Incident Response Team attended and the man, who was allegedly armed with a knife, was tasered and arrested.”

Witnesses have told News Corp, a man was pinned to the ground and arrested. A man, who was on the scene, said it looked as if the pilot was “trying to run people over”.

Another man told the Melbourne Herald Sun, the driver came at him with a knife. “He was going mad, he was ready”.

A member of the bomb squad checks a bag at the scene. Photo: Jason Edwards

The witness said: “He has tried to do on the trail, and then started trying to touch people … he tried to take the Fed’s Place”.

No one was injured.

A green Toyota Rav 4 is stopped in the middle of the road, while many items including a helmet, a bag and a pair of boots were seen strewn across the road.

#Melbourne – @VictoriaPolice on stage at Flinders St x Swanston St intersection. The traffic and the trams stopped in all directions. pic.twitter.com/fcVF2btekB— Scott Reed (@scott___reed) September 29, 2017

I was there! Be sure all of those! an old green rav4 was speeding++on a rampage! Praying and Hoping for no injuries!— GarieLive (@garry15live) September 29, 2017

The area outside Flinders St cordoned off after man arrested following reports that he was driving erratically @abcnewsMelb pic.twitter.com/Njn7Y1W6mj— Andie Noonan (@AndieNoonan) September 29, 2017

The bomb squad searched the vehicle and the items that have been found in the vicinity, as a precautionary measure. Nothing has been found.

Acting Superintendent Wayne Newman said there was no information to suggest that the man had terror links — and in spite of his about the conduct — there is no information indicating that it has been deliberately aimed for the pedestrians.

“Certainly, his behavior and conduct was erratic, but no one was injured,” he said.

The authorities are treating the incident as a “mental health” related. The man was taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

“The Victoria Police has had its full capacity available this morning, police were on the scene within minutes and were able to neutralize this threat,” Mr Newman told reporters.

Officers confronted the driver and tasered him because of his erratic behaviour.

“It was not to make any threatening remarks that I understand.”

He said that the spectators had been vigilant, and the rents to go to the police, but cautioned against taking things into their own hands.

The public has a “sense of vigilance” on safety issues, he said.

However, the police view differed with witnesses who said the vehicle was driven at on purpose.

“He swerved and tried to run on me,” Jolon Cooke told the ABC.

“He’s dead set tried to kill me.”

Mr. Cooke has been working for a company setting up the equipment for the grand final at Federation Square, when the incident occurred.

“He stepped out of the car with a black rod, in full head-to-toe black, military gear took a backpack out of the car to simulate a bomb, and then it was said to the cops to come for him.”

During this time, the fight against terrorism bollards have been placed along the AFL grand final parade route and other arteries leading to the MCG as Victoria Police safety rail for footy’s big day.

Temporary concrete bollards have been put in place along the route of the grand final parade yesterday, even if the police said, there is no terrorist threat.

Football fans watch the police bomb squad inspect the car and the package of Flinders Street in Melbourne. Photo: Tony Gough

All Flinders St and Swanston St closed completely, a massive police operation, no idea what for, seems serious. pic.twitter.com/Kfmudl4d4b— Owen Jones (@digital__beard) September 29, 2017

“For those who come to the parade … you will see the physical barriers,” Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said.

“This is both to keep the crowd safe, and players making themselves available for the day, really good and safe.” Thousands of police will also be implemented in the course of the celebration. “You will see police everywhere, since the time that you get off a train at Flinders Street, or the tram stop, you will see police everywhere,” Police Minister Lisa Neville said.

— additional reporting: AAP

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