Will Gerd: U.S. Military aid is an important tool cautions Russia from further incursions into Ukraine

On what terms the United States will provide assistance to Ukraine in the defense industry and as soon as that happens – the answers to these questions are searched for Elina Beketova in an interview with will Gerd, Congressman, Republican, in the framework of the project 112 International insight

Elina Beketova: Congressman Gerd, welcome to the broadcast “112 Ukraine”! As we know, the U.S. Senate approved a bill allocating $ 500 million to support Ukraine in the defense industry. The document says what specifically will these funds?

Congressman Gerd: the Document specifically does not define the type of support that the USA should provide Ukraine with. But one of the examples, which they say is “Javelin”, an important anti-tank weapons. Given the more than 900 Russian tanks in Eastern Ukraine, is an important tool for the protection of Ukraine and warning of the Russians from any further intrusions. This is just one example, because all items must match our military experts-planners, who will then talk with the Ukrainian military on what is necessary and what is right for your situation.

You know what’s the situation with this bill? It still must be signed by the President trump?

Right. How it all happens. The house of representatives approved the bill on the defense budget another month and a half ago, I think. Last week did the same for the Senate. Over the next few weeks members of the house and Senate must meet in order to remove differences between two versions of a document. Then they will send a single release for the President. And this process will probably be finished by the beginning of December. By the way, this is the third time the Congress approves the granting Ukraine lethal weapons.

Do you think President trump sign this document?

I am sure that he will sign the overall bill, the US budget for national defence next year. The provision of lethal arms to Ukraine is only part of the document. But the President also needs to agree to provide arms. This means that weapons are not sent. It is only permitted. The case of the commander is to make such a decision.

And this support in the form of weapons is a financial assistance from the United States or its need to give?

I think it will help. If I give, I do not think that at some point it will need to return. That is, everything will be done the usual way that we provide military support to our allies.

If this bill will still be signed by the President, when Ukraine will be able to get this lethal weapon?

This is a very good question. I hope that this will happen sooner rather than later, but the President must make a decision on the granting of this weapon.

This question is very difficult to predict anything?

Yes, you need to ask this question to the President.

Thank you, Congressman Gerd, that joined the “112 Ukraine”.

Always a pleasure to be with you!