BA cabin crew posts Snapchat rant

Getty Images

British Airways has launched an investigation after a staff member posted an offensive rant on the app Snapchat.

The air hostess filmed herself before working on a flight to Nigeria. She is mocked Nigerian accents and made lewd remarks on the parts of the body.

A member of the staff who have seen the video shared with the Daily Mail.

BA said: “we expect that the professionalism of our staff when they are representative of British Airways.

“We will not tolerate offensive comments about our clients and will always take the appropriate measures.”

In the video captioned, “I can’t cope with this flight” – the woman can be heard put on a fake Nigerian accent.

“All Nigerians are going to be there as a” gimme Coca Cola, give me me beef, why don’t you have beef on the left? I want to beef’,” she said.

Specifically referring to the size of the Nigerian men’s genitals, and then she continues by claiming that all the Nigerian passengers will be able to request for upgrades.

It can also be heard complaining that she has to work on a Friday night, while others are drinking.

Many in Nigeria have used social media to react to the air hostess comments. Alao Abayomi said: “Even if we like free stuff, this does not mean that you rub it in our nose.

“The money they make in Nigeria alone, is enough for us to ask for more updates. Please let his bosses to upgrade his sentence in the bag.”