To buy Jaguar Land Rover’s new luxury brand, report says

Jaguar Land Rover executives are considering strengthening the purchase of a luxury car brand, the group’s reach in an increasingly competitive market.

According to reports from Bloomberg, the Coventry car maker the financial support from the parent company Tata has acquire another high-end manufacturer. Autocar contacted JLR for comment, but the question has not yet been an official response.

Unnamed sources told Bloomberg that a new brand, the accession of Jaguar and Land Rover would probably have already invested in the electrification and Autonomous driving systems, which is significantly important for the group to 2020.

JLR has committed to electrify every model in its range from the beginning of the next decade, and with San Francisco Lyft through investment in AGV technology in an attempt to increase the competence.

New Road Rover due 2019

As part of an aggressive push to boost global sales, JLR has launched several new models, which are based on a small number of platforms. The Velar is the latest product to spawn from this system, with the Audi Q5 rivals share a lot of its structure and underpinnings with the Jaguar F-Pace.

Due to the increase in Tata investment, JLR’s production capacity, the demand increases. There is a factory in China opened earlier this year, with another reason, in Slovakia, in the next year.

JLR is officially the UK’s largest car manufacturer, topping the second-largest manufacturer, Nissan, with 544,401 units produced in the past year, in comparison with the Japanese brand 507,430.

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New Road Rover due 2019