In Russia opened a school of painting oil

The artist from St.-Petersburg Vitaly Kasatkin noted that to create images of “black gold” can be in any weather, outdoors and indoors.

In the Finno-Ugric ethnic Park in the village of Yb in the Komi Republic opened a school of painting in oil, said on Saturday the Park.

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School of painting for children and adults, Amateurs and professionals will lead the artist from St.-Petersburg Vitaly Kasatkin.

“It is logical that the first school of painting in oil opened in Komi — where new, note, native Russian art movement received official support. Museum oil art, built in the Finno-Ugric ethnic Park, unique in the world. But it should be a Museum not only me. Awesome stuff allows even beginners to create masterpieces,” said the Killer, whose words are reported.

According to him, to create images of “black gold” can be in any weather, outdoors and indoors.

According to the artist, the result of joint work will be “oil mosaic” for the Museum of art oil.

Specially for this school, the Park ordered the oil of different viscosity and different shades in Ukhta.

According to the Director of the Finno-Ugric ethnical Park Elena Ivanova, the Museum of art of oil, nettutor developed by the ethno-Park and a school of painting “work for the promotion of the brand “Komi Republic — the birthplace of Russian industrial oil”.

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