Right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” before the election, calls for tougher policies on Islam in Germany

Berlin. September 18. INTERFAX – the leaders of the right populist party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD), involved in the election campaign in Germany, proposed a series of measures against the “Islamization of Germany”, according to the associated press.

At a press conference in Berlin, Deputy Chairman of AfD Alexander Gauland said that “Islam is also a political doctrine” that was “incompatible with a free democratic system”.

“In this sense, Islam is part of Germany”, – said A. Gowland.

He said that if elected to the Bundestag, the party would seek a ban on minarets, calls to prayer, the wearing of headscarves for teachers and students. The party also wants to oblige imams to preach only in German.

Another member of the leadership AfD Alice Vidal said at a press conference that it is necessary to increase the level of security in Germany. In particular, it has proposed the resumption of military conscription with the aim to ensure the protection of borders, complicate the procedure for obtaining citizenship, as well as simplify the process of deprivation.

According to the latest opinion polls, the AfD has the support of about 10% of voters.

Elections to the Bundestag will take place on September 24. After that, the country will have a new government and elected the Chancellor of Germany.