Have the men arrested for the arson of cars at the lawyer’s office Dobrynin found leaflets containing threats against “Matilda” – source

Moscow. September 20. INTERFAX – Investigators have received confirmation of the possible involvement of the leader of the “Christian state Holy Russia” Alexander Kalinin to have set fire to cars near the office of the attorney Konstantin Dobrynin, representing the interests of film Director Alexey Uchitel.

Earlier, A. Kalinin, his cousin and another man was detained in Lipetsk region. During the searches they had found leaflets “For “Matilda” to burn,” said Wednesday, “Interfax” informed source.

He recalled that in Moscow, was detained another suspect in the arson of the car at the office of K. Dobrynin.

According to the interlocutor of Agency, all detainees may be charged with destruction or damage of another’s property.