Accident in Kiev: Geely demolished 15 meters of the barrier and rolled over several times

On the street Khreschatyk street in Kyiv on 24 September, the accident occurred. Severe injuries to the driver of Chinese cars.

Correspondent told that the 27-year-old man driving a Geely numbers Sumy region lost control on the wet descent.

The car crashed into the barrier, and then rolled over several times and caught fire. The injured driver pulled out and taken to the ambulance. In the car was also the girl-the passenger serious injuries have not received.

“If the driver born in 1990 with a fractured skull in critical condition in resuscitation BSMP. Rubber winter. Destroyed about 15 feet of the bump. 80 meters tumbled“, – told the correspondent.

At the scene working investigative team.

Recall, September 23 at Brovarsky Avenue near Lisova metro station in the accident hit six cars.