Harrowing emergency call, shows killer confession

EX-soldier, Danish Andrea Pilcher was found guilty of murdering his ex-partner, Corinne Henderson after heartbreaking video and audio footage was played to the jury during the two-week trial.

A recording of an emergency call made by Pilcher reveals to him saying: “I killed my girlfriend, my ex-partner.”

“I’m pretty sure she’s dead, yes, yes, yes,” he said in a shocking tape.

“There is blood everywhere … it’s everywhere. Oh Jesus, I can’t believe this has happened.”

“So much blood everywhere, I’m so sorry,” he said.

“I stabbed her with a kitchen knife … I think that she is dead, she has not moved.”

The chilling phone call proved to be a key element of the case, the side of the police body camera footage showing a devastating scene in Henderson, Townsville apartment, where he died in September of 2015 after being stabbed 21 times with a kitchen knife.

The jury found Pilcher guilty by unanimous verdict after four hours of deliberations.

The triple-0 call made by Dane Andrew Pilcher after the slaughter.3:04

The triple-0 call made by Dane Andrew Pilcher after the slaughter.August 4, 2017a month ago