Drastic reform League: What is known about the new tournament for national teams – the League of Nations

In European football there is a new tournament that will replace most friendlies

UEFA approved the final format of the League of Nations is a new competition for European teams, which must replace the majority of friendlies.

This is primarily due to the fact that in recent years more and more clearly a tendency frankly boring friendly matches. In this regard, the Union decided that the time has come for change, and brought to its logical conclusion the idea originated in 2011.

We propose to consider what is notable about the new tournament, and to assess whether it is interesting for football fans.

Unformatted tournament

The format of the League of Nations is somewhat unusual for football fans. The first formula is applied a partition into divisions based on rating, something that has long been discussed football community, but has not been implemented yet.

European teams will break into four divisions according to the international rating as at the end of the European qualifiers to the 2018 FIFA world Cup: division A (the strongest), division B, division C and division D (the weakest).

In the divisions A and B will play for 12 teams (4 groups of 3 teams each), the battalion s – 15 (one group with three teams 3 – four) in division D – 16 teams (four groups with 4 teams).

The worst teams from each of the four groups in division A will to fly in division B and the top four teams of division B will be up in division A. the Accounting system will operate and in other divisions with the difference that from division D no one to fly will not be a tournament created for all 55 member countries of UEFA.

The best teams of the four groups of the division And will fall into the so-called “Final four”, which will consist of semi-finals, match for third place and the final. The champion of the League of Nations promise the trophy, which will be officially presented in January 2018.

Why is it rallying?

While it is possible to determine the only good reason to get on the European championship.

We will remind, the European championship in 2020 will take place in a completely different scheme than the previous European championship. The tournament will be attended from 13 countries, that is, no one will be getting direct permits as owners.

The League of Nations will be able to delegate to the tournament the four best teams. The case will be so: each of the delegates in divisions playoffs for top four teams from each division one team will play in the final of the European Championship.

Important: if the team that got to the playoffs, has passed for the Euro qualifying tournament, then play in the playoffs will not: it will be replaced by the following student team.

Thus, it is important to highlight that Euro 2020 will definitely get at least one team from the weakest division D. We have a chance to participate in the main European tournament for national teams there are countries such as Luxembourg, Georgia, Faroe Islands etc.

Otherwise, the value of this tournament is questionable: while it is difficult it seems, how will give their power players in polytonalism competition. Especially against the background of increasing complaints from the clubs about the absences of the players in the national team.

Maybe something will change after the announcement of the prize.

When does it start?

The draw for the group stage of the League of Nations on 24 January 2018 in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Each team plays in the group of the League of Nations for 4-6 matches. In September, October and November 2018 will be held two days.

“Final four” teams from the first division will be held in June 2019.

The playoffs of the League of Nations for 4 persons on the Euro will take place in March 2020.

Where to get Ukraine?

As already mentioned, the exact position of Ukraine, like other countries, will be known after the qualifying tournament for the world Cup. At the beginning of September, our team gets to division B, but the chances of being above or below remaining.


The results of the sum

It seems logical and correct idea while looks a bit strange. It is hard to evaluate how severe the case of countries for this tournament, or rather the change of it compared to the usual friendly matches. Football fans know plenty of examples of various initiatives of FIFA and UEFA on the creation of new tournaments. And some of them are frankly a failure: it is enough to remember the confederations Cup and club world Cup.

It is also important to note that fully friendlies will not disappear: they just become less.

However, let’s see. In the context of the national team of Ukraine is pleased that the Ukrainian team will no longer have to “shop” for friendly matches frantically to pick up his rivals. Often close and not matching the rating.