Putin commented on the results of the gubernatorial election

Russian President Vladimir Putin was satisfied with the results of the gubernatorial elections that took place on September 10. On Wednesday, 20 September, he said at a meeting with the newly elected heads of regions, reports TASS.

“I have to say that I was pleased with the result, but it imposes on you a special responsibility,” — said Putin.

In all regions the victory was won by candidates supported by the head of state. The majority received more than 60 percent of the vote.

Now, according to the President, the governors should form a new team in the most open and understandable way. “We have already held several events related to the public selection of candidates in various fields of activities. Started this in his time with the ASI (Agency for strategic initiatives ) and in some other areas did. This form of selection people very well established, it is demanded”, — Putin said, expressing hope that a similar system will work in the regions.

The head of state stressed that youth in the region must see that the social Elevator works “regardless of some left-wing forces, right-wing forces, some ties”.

In addition, Putin urged to avoid unbalanced expenditure from local budgets and not to resort once again to the tax revenues of future periods. “This method of closing the current holes by acquiring future income — it is very controversial (…). Need more serious!” the President noted.

In the single voting day, September 10, elections were held in almost all regions, except Ingushetia, Magadan oblast and St. Petersburg. In 16 subjects voted for governors, even in the 6 elected members of the regional parliaments.