Green energy in the clear on the bill desk

More than 60 percent of the price jumps that are mad families and businesses, has come from increases in network prices and retail margins rather than grants for environmental projects such as solar energy.

But the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Simms had no respite for the governments, which he said had to intervene more in the energy sector of the market.

He said that gas producers had a “social responsibility”, in order to better serve the domestic market, attention, otherwise, they may appear as banks, which unfairly driven out by farmers.

Mr. Simms said at the National Press Club in Canberra that the price of electricity increases, over 40% is due to increases in network charges, to 24% in the greater retail margins, and 19 percent more of the costs of generation.

He said that 16 per cent, came from the “green costs”.

“More than 40 percent, the increase is due to network costs, nothing, absolutely nothing to do with renewable energy,” said Mr. Simms.

“I do not believe that the detail of the costs and margins, have something to do with renewable energy”.

However, he recognized some of the green schemes were too generous when they started and they have already been wound back.

But not before the costs have been “coated on all electricity users”.

“What I was banging, to use your terms, is the high feed-in tariffs, when the schemes of the kick off,” he said.

“And I think anybody looking at the market of electric power, which has understood the market of the electrical energy … could not have believed how generous these grants have been and we are paying for them.

“The Governments have worked out that I’m too generous and cut again.”

Mr. Simms is the head of a 12-month ACCC investigation of the energy sector, and eight months to go.

He said that the government had to overcome their “pro-market inclinations” and to intervene more in the field of energy, to achieve the best outcomes for consumers.

He applauded the Federal Government’s bid to the Government is trying to get people out of the worst of contracts with electricity suppliers and has confirmed the ACCC would monitor the response of the traders.

Mr. Simms said greater transparency to relations with consumers.

“I think that only shining a light on whether or not will go a long way,” said the NPC.

“What are they doing? It is seen that affect? I think that will help a lot, only transparency.

“We are watching with attention what other

you can make in the market, for example, to reduce the switching costs.

“At the moment, it is not possible to take a low-income person, including someone on a program of discomfort, and place them on a lower offer. “