Deputies of Transcarpathia will be deprived of the citizenship of Hungary because of the education act

According to local media reports, Hungary will be deprived of the nationality of the Transcarpathian deputies who ignore the language issue for oath violation and publicize their passports.

Hungary will be deprived of citizenship of deputies of the Zakarpattia oblast Council, who ignore the “language article” new law on education of Ukraine, reports the Internet-the edition “news of Zakarpattya”, citing its sources.

The publication reports that on Thursday in Uzhgorod was held the extraordinary session of the Transcarpathian regional Council concerning the new law of Ukraine “on education”, however, given the absence in public access the final document text, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on September 5 and is also considering proposals for more than one third of deputies from the total membership of the Council, this issue was postponed to the next session, which will take place on 21 September.

Education reform and the Stripping of minority languages

According to preliminary information, at least two factions of the regional Council, namely “Uniform Center” and BYUT intend to ignore the appeal to the President in connection with the adopted law.

“The uniform Center” will not support any petitions to the President demanding a veto of the act because it has no relation to its development and adoption. All steps to meet the demands of the representatives of national minorities shall be taken exclusively of the current government”, — is spoken in the party statement.

At the same time it became known that “Hungary will be deprived of the nationality of the Transcarpathian deputies who ignore the language issue for oath violation and publicize their passports”.

“Several deputies of these two factions have passports of Hungary. It is not known who exactly, however, what they are, can not be questioned”, — writes the edition.

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Note to obtain a passport of Hungary must take the oath of allegiance. Meanwhile in Ukraine prohibits dual citizenship.

The Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday, 5 September, approved a new law on education. As stated by the Minister of education of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych, the law implies that children of national minorities will study in their native language, in 5-9 grades, they will be administered items in the Ukrainian language of teaching, “and in high school, it can be almost all subjects in the Ukrainian language”. Such a scenario is provided for all national minorities, including for schools with only Russian language of teaching.

Recall that Hungary has appealed to international organizations in connection with the earlier the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the law on education, which, in the opinion of the Hungarian party, infringes on the rights of national minorities in Ukraine.