Jazz Dior, a member of the Ibrahim family, sentenced over role in arms trafficking plot

The port five-inch black stilettos, her face lightly made up and her long black hair braided in corn rows, Dior smiled widely as a District Court Judge Robert Toner has pronounced the sentence.

Judge Toner said of the house of Dior, which changed its name from Maha Sayour in 2013, the phrase by way of an intensive corrections order.

Dior, 47-year-old, and her ex-husband, Elvis Mileski, 45, very briefly acknowledged one another Thursday as they sat in the dock of the court for the sentence.

The former couple had pleaded guilty of conspiring to unlawfully supply weapons to fire from their suburban car-wash with Sam Ibrahim and former Rose Tattoo drummer Paul DeMarco.

Dior and Hassan “Sam” Ibrahim, are the brothers and sisters of Kings Cross nightclub identity John Ibrahim.

Jazz Dior, officially known as the Maha Sayour, was convicted of more than one firearm on the plot on Thursday. Photo: Brendan Esposito.

Jazz Dior (right) and his lawyer Abbas Soukie arrive at court for sentencing more of conspiring to supply guns to Sydney. Photo: Brendan Esposito.

Dior and his ex-partner Elvis Mileski conspired to supply weapons during the execution of the Clear vision of the Hand Car Wash in Warilla, south of Sydney.

Former Rose Tattoo drummer Paul DeMarco have 12 years.

Former Nomads bikie Sam Ibrahim also pleaded guilty.

But the weapons of the plot was defeated when DeMarco has tried to sell a box of pistols Glock to an undercover police officer.

The former rock musician, whose wife had testified were become gray, bloated, disheveled” the ice addiction, is to serve a minimum of six years in prison for gun power.

According to a statement of agreed facts, phone taps captured Mileski of negotiation to obtain firearms and onsell with Dior help between January and March 2014.

The couple was arrested in April 2014, following a police raid in DeMarco of Windsor and the house of the

the couple of Clear View Hand Car Wash in Warilla, south of Sydney.

Jazz Dior, was sentenced to a community of imprisonment in the District Court on Thursday. Photo: John Grainger

The Sydney home of the former Rose Tattoo drummer Paul De Marco, from which it tried to sell firearms.

At the time of the raids, police said they seized 18 weapons, including an M1 military-grade assault rifle, a standard rifle, three pistols, two shotguns and 11 handguns.

In February 2014 phone tap picked up Mileski called Dior that he needed another $23,000 on top of the $ 10,000, he had to six of the brand new things in boxes”, which means firearms.

He said to Dior, the price of each has been five and a half years” and it had already broken 15K on the deal”.

“They are not what he asked,” Mileski said in the call, but they were the same as those “first … the personal”.

“We’re going to sell them for what you want. Either he will give us something or just put f—ing 6½ on them.”

Mileski was heard to say that he had a need to rent a car for pick-up, rather than use his and Dior’s car, because he didn’t want to take risks.

Jazz Dior wide smile as a judge sentenced her to 18 months by way of an intensive corrections order.

In another recorded conversation, the undercover officer asked DeMarco if a “box of 10 to come” were “your team-mate, Sam?”.

“Yes, but don’t say anything,” DeMarco replied.

When there were delays in the supply of firearms, DeMarco told the officer: “I talked to him, about 20 minutes earlier … and I am gunna meet him the companion of my place to know what’s goin’ on”.

“I”, ” you can’t do anything until it arrives … What do I say now if it is not here? I’m going to say it, Sam, you’re making me look like a f – – – in’ idiot.”

Later, the phone intercepts captured the couple who speaks when Mileski expected to pick up the firearms.

Judge Toner also condemned Mileski 18-month intensive corrections order.

Last November, Sam Ibrahim has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply weapons in the frame of the racket with his sister.

In a phone call with the house of Dior, who is his youngest sister, Ibrahim said: “You know how you told me about this thing before … Get the lot … Tell them, tell them that we are going to buy it … because you know what? You can use this for your car wash.”

It is expected to be sentenced in September.