Finance news you need to know today

1. SYDNEY — The Australian market looks set to open comfortably higher after Wall Street closed higher with the Dow and the S&P 500 at record highs. At 0700 AEST on Monday, the price of the share futures index was up 16 points, or 0.18 percent, at 5,708.

2. SYDNEY — Meanwhile, the Australian dollar clings to the 80 US cent, after the us dollar performed poorly following disappointing economic data from the united states, including retail sales figures, which fell 0.2 percent in August, when a 0.1% increase had been expected.

The local currency was trading at 80.00 cents at 0700 AEST on Monday, from 79.96 on Friday.

3. LONDON — the Global debt may be under-reported by about $13 billion ($A16 billion) due to the traditional accounting practices to exclude foreign exchange derivatives used for hedging international trade and foreign currency bonds, the BIS said.

4. LONDON — Britain’s Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, has been accused by cabinet colleagues of “back seat driving” on Brexit after setting out his own vision for the future of the country outside of the European Union.

5. DUBAI — One of the largest port operators, DP World, says that he will not renew his contract in Indonesia, after failing to agree on renewal terms with the government.