Beer in Kiev Kiosks banned permanently

Today, 14 September, 2017 the Kiev city Council decided to ban the sale of alcohol in Kiosks, the press service of the city Council.

In particular, the use of temporary structures, which are mutual agreement, removed the possibility of the sale of alcoholic beverages. We are talking about vodka, alcoholic beverages, and all alcohol beverages.

“For a long time in Kiev there was a legal conflict. Under current law, alcoholic beverages can be sold only in solid buildings. The legislator clearly defines what is a capital construction. Temporary structures does not apply to permanent structures and therefore giving contracts equity on the sale of alcoholic beverages in temporary buildings, we violate applicable laws. This decision regulates such conflict situation. Moreover, I note that prohibit the sale of alcohol require the people of Kiev“, – said the author of the document, the Deputy of the faction of Solidarity in the city Council Vladislav Mikhailenko.

The decision was supported by 81 deputies of the city Council.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has risen in price alcohol.