The energy Ministry has calculated how much it should cost LPG at petrol stations

At the moment, the average retail price of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine should be about to 12.2 UAH/l. this is stated in the letter of Ministry dated September 8, addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of economic development, Antimonopoly Committee and industry associations, according to enkorr.

“Auction №43-the Ukrainian interbank currency exchange PJSC Ukrnafta sold 4 680 tons at an average price of 20 525 UAH/t. a sample calculation: if the wholesale price of 20 500 UAH/t, the retail price needs to fall to about 12.2 UAH/l,“ the letter says.

This price was the result of the auction of PJSC Ukrnafta, held on the day of dispatch of the letter, 8 Sep. Then Ukrnafta sold all asset of one company of shaved Privat group at a price substantially below market. Cost of sales were 2 875 UAH/t below the trading results of the subsidiary, held two days earlier. Gas customers UGD steel 30 companies.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Ukraine has surpassed Russia and Turkey on the popularity of autogas.