Martin Shkreli imprisoned more “awkward joke” about Hillary Clinton

The convicted swindler, was declared a “danger to society” by a federal judge Wednesday and jailed over the provocative comments in social media.

Despite a grovelling letter of the 34-year-old former pharmaceutical chief executive, in which he claimed that the media of social communication of the state was an “awkward attempt at humor or satire,” Brooklyn federal court judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked his $US5 million bail, and ordered him thrown behind bars.

Prosecutors asked the judge to lock Shrekli after a now-deleted Facebook status in which he told followers that he would be willing to pay $US5,000 for a string of Clinton locks.

The creepy joke, the climax of a series of other publications that seemed to suggest that the intention to clone the former Secretary of State, was scrubbed from his account after Shkreli was contacted by the secret service.

“In HRC book tour, trying to grab hold of a hair of her,” she wrote on 4 September. “I have to confirm the sequences that I have. You will have to pay $5,000 for the hair obtained from Hillary Clinton.”

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is promoting his new book ” What Happened, on your 2016 the loss of the elections for the President of Donald Trump. Image: Drew Angerer

In a September 12 letter to the court, Shkreli apologized for the state, which he called an “awkward attempt at humor or satire,” and said that he never had the intention of “threatening” HRC.

But the judge was not buying, and ordered the marshals to take him into custody.

Shkreli was found guilty of defrauding hedge fund investors in early August, and faces up to 20 years behind bars when sentenced.

Before the test, he was so hated that the judge had to discharge more than 200 members of the jury, who admitted to despising him through his actions as the chief executive officer of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

Shkreli headlines around the world as the “most hated man in America” after buying the rights to a lifesaving cancer and anti-AIDS drugs and raise the price by 5000 percent.

In the hours after the members of the jury returned the verdict mixed, announced in a Facebook stream of life that the prison — which he called “Club Fed” — would not be so bad.

“I’m going to play basketball and tennis and Xbox,” he reflected.

Shkreli now languish in “Club Fed” for an incalculable period of time, as a date for the sentencing has yet to be established.

“F — the government,” Shkreli wrote on Facebook after prosecutors filed a motion asking the judge to revoke his strong bond.

“I will never kiss your ring, or snitch. Come to me with their most difficult, because I have not seen anything impressive yet.”