Football: Shakhtar won it deservedly and to the point, Fonseca

The Portuguese is pleased with the result

Head coach of “Shakhtar” Paulo Fonseca commented on the victory in the Champions League over Napoli, reports the website of the Donetsk club.

We knew that we would have a rival of the highest level. I think today we can not allocate our players who had a good game, at the very beginning it took a lot of risks, and then to develop their attack. Was the goal, and then had a few more scoring chances, in particular from Tyson. We also did a good job in containing the opponent by depriving him of the opportunity to play through the centre, where he was unusually strong,” said Fonseca.

“In the second half, Napoli created more dangers to us. Our line of defense of the village, and guests have more opportunity to develop their attacks. I will not hide that Napoli had a few chances but then we scored. In conclusion, we won deservedly and to the point. You are exaggerating the situation by Kovalenko. He is a strong emotional player. It is unlikely that one game will be able to break. I’ve said it many times and I repeat: I trust him completely. For me he’s one of the best young players in Ukraine. Today he came in and gave him a lot of himself, showing all what he is worth. In fact, we followed him closely, but he showed us that you can continue to play. About his injuries I still can not say anything. We still need to evaluate it. Now I didn’t even have time to speak with him,” added the coach.

We will remind, in the match of the goals for Shakhtar were scored by Tyson and Ferreira, and Napoli have a goal from a penalty scored by Milik.