Ellen Page on Juno.

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Ten years after the release of Juno, film fans, guess they discovered their influence far beyond the box-office.

The Film about a teenage girl falling pregnant unexpectedly, she was something of a surprise success in 2007, after it received a standing ovation at its Toronto Film Festival premiere.

It went to $231 (£175m) globally on a $7m (£5.3 m) budget and notched four Oscar nominations, winning for best original screenplay.

But now I have noticed something, a possible connection between the movie Version and the number of teenage pregnancies in the United States.

The birth rate in girls between the ages of 15 and 19 is an all-time low, with fallen sharply since 2007, according to the latest government statistics.

A comment posted on social media, the correlation between the drop and the release of Juno, the show received more than 28,000 retweets.

“I felt the [effect of Films] in aspects when we were there,” says the actress Ellen Page, who played the title role.

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Leads to “this time, a teenage girl in a movie always to dress like that felt a art piece when I was like, ‘I’m wearing these flannel’.”

“So I think in terms of the character itself, I felt it could possibly have an impact, because it felt like something new.”

The film sees Juno decide to give birth, if you can not get through with an abortion. She then puts the baby up for adoption.

“You hope that the film continues to resonate, and although Juno has the approach with a lot of optimism and generosity, she obviously has a difficult time and a difficult emotional experience that manages to break through all the defense mechanisms,” page told the BBC.

“It will be investigated, abortion, we have a scene in an abortion clinic, and there are some discussions about this as well, so I hope it all ways, and the impact of what that means.”

The actress was back Keeley on the Toronto Film Festival this week promoting her new film, zombie thriller, The Cured, the co-stars Irish actor Sam.

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