Weather for today: In the North of Ukraine and in Kiev will be rainy, temperature up to 30 degrees

The rest of the territory will be dry

Wednesday, September 13, in the Northern part of Ukraine rain is expected, the rest of the territory will be dry, the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. This is according to the Ukrgidromettsentra.

In Western regions the temperature is expected to reach +17+20 and day +12+16 on the night.

In the East in the afternoon – +28+30 night– +17+20.

In the North (Chernihiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions): rains. The thermometer column will rise to +17+29 day +14+19 at night.

In the centre the day temperature– +20+25 night– +15+18.

In the South in the afternoon air will get warm to +28+30, to +18+21.

In Kiev rain is expected, temperatures in the daytime +19+21, by night– +16+18.