To use Vauxhall Insignia Country Tourer, Ford Focus RS drive tech

The Vauxhall Insignia country Tourer will go on sale in September, with the same all-wheel-drive system, such as the Ford Focus RS.

The third and last variant of the new Insignia range comes with a rear-mounted GKN Twinster system, the two electric multi-plate clutches for controlling the power to each wheel, so that torque vectoring and increase traction in low-grip scenarios.

Autocar sample Twinster-equipped test vehicle in the last year. The car’s front wheels were powered by a more conventional, electronic differential lock that mimics a mechanical diff-brakes-wheels experience slip. The same setup is expected to be on the production car.

Much of the country Tourer’s hardware, together with the Insignia Sports Tourer, the former will win black-body-cladding and a 20mm increased ground clearance to identify the car as a more robust alternative.

These two real estate-bodied models retain the five-link rear suspension setup of the Grand Sport hatchback, but tailored settings for your specific requirements.

The Insignia Country Tourer also gets a choice of three engines, headed by a new bi-turbo 2.0-litre diesel engine, which will produce 207bhp and come up with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. Both the engine and transmission are together on the selection.

Three driving programmes – Standard, Sport and Tour, which by the driver via a Central controller. This optimizes the steering, throttle response and automatic-transmission s-layers, and adjust the Auto-adaptive damper.

The Country Tourer will have its world premiere at the Frankfurt motor show The rugged model will sit in terms of price at the top of the range, so that a starting value of around £26,000.

Jimi Beckwith and Sam Sheehan

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