Thunder Power TP-01 objectives the Tesla Model S with 577bhp electric sedan

Taiwanese car manufacturers Thunder Power has some bold claims for a new electric sedan, which it hopes, the Tesla Model S in the year 2019.

A pre-production prototype of the TP-01 was revealed on the display at the IAA in Frankfurt, two years after the first concept version at the same place, with claims of a 577bhp electric powertrain offers a 404-mile (NEDC) range.

These figures are for the range-topping version of the yet-unnamed sedan that is mean to a figure of only 488 units to its 488kW output. It is said that it is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in less 4secs.


The car uses a 125kW battery pack, housed in a completely new, dedicated electric platform, the Thunder Power says, offers two-or four-wheel drive and torque vectoring of two or three engines, depending on the application.

The platform will also be used on a coupe model, also due to the in the year 2019, and a SUV, then in the year 2020.

Thunder Power began as a Taiwanese tool company in 1987, has but recently Peter Tutzer, and Franz Schulte presented in his trial, a motion in the electric car market.

Tutzer is formerly of Bugatti and Lotus, while Schulte worked at Ford for more than 30 years.