The fate apologize for “Nazi-inspired flag”


Destiny 2 the developer has apologised after featuring armor in the video game that looks like a flag associated with the alt-right, and internet trolls.

The article corresponds to the design and the coloring of the Kekistan flag, a banner made for a fictional country, that anti-racism campaigners say have been modeled on a Nazi war flag.

Developer Bungie has said that he had already removed some instances of imagery.

He added that others could be wiped out by an update scheduled for next week.

“It has come to our attention that a gauntlet in Destiny 2 actions and the elements of the hate symbol,” the State of Washington, the company has tweeted.

“It is not intentional. We are to remove it.

“Our most sincere apologies. This does not represent our values, and we are working quickly to correct this. We renounce hatred in all its forms.”

The company has not provided further information on how the art came to be included in the first place.

However, its chief executive has also tweeted on the subject, saying: “Our company values higher emphasis on the inclusion of all people, and respect for all those who work with us or play our games.”


Destiny 2 is the big-budget sequel to one of 2014’s best-selling computer games, and was released on 6 September.

The inclusion of the delinquency armor had not been widely reported, before Bungie has acted.
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Civil rights activists at the Southern poverty Law Center have highlighted the previous appearances of the Kekistan flag right-alt events in the united states.

It has also been spotted by the Washington Post newspaper for the Charlottesville events in August.

“Bungie is a large, well-established company in the gaming industry and don’t want any controversy connected with Destiny 2,” said Piers Harding-Rolls of IHS Markit tech council.

“It does not seem to have been a catalogue of complaints about this, but someone obviously brought to the company’s attention, and he acted very quickly to remove it.

“What is interesting, is that it has been transparent with its users and cannot be accused of hiding anything.”

While some players have welcomed the Bungie action, others attacked the move.

“Bungie doesn’t want their brand to be connected to a group of trolls from 4chan. I think it is quite understandable,” wrote a user on Reddit.

But another responded: “They could easily have been removed quietly without a peep and no one would have known the wiser, but they just had to comment on a land of fairy tale as a symbol of hatred.”

And another published on Bungie’s own forums: “as regards the people you are offending by taking it away? It feels like you are playing favorites to the extra-sensitive people out there.”