The chinese company Wey reveals XEV plug-in hybrid SUV concept

Wey, the premium sub-brand of Chinese manufacturer Great Wall, hinted at a possible future European expansion, presenting the XEV, a plug-in hybrid SUV concept, at this year’s Frankfurt motor show.

Wey has not released the full specifications of XEV, in addition equipped with a conventional engine that powers the front wheels with an electric motor driving the rear. The car was designed with a system of autonomous guide. He is currently purely a concept, with no plans for a production version.

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The XEV features distinctive headlights and a large rear bumper. It also has gull-wing doors that are reminiscent of those on the Tesla Model X SUV.

Great Wall offers a variety of pick-up trucks in the UK and is known in China as a SUV specialist. The company has the ambition to expand to the global level, and has been recently linked to a bid for the purchase in Group FCA, which includes the Jeep. Great Wall also has the Haval brand, which recently launched in Australia.

Wey is the Great wall of china premium sub-brand, and is currently focused exclusively on the Chinese market, with models such as the VV5 and VV7. The great wall is not thought to have any plans to expand Wey at the international level in the immediate future – even if the appearance of XEV, in Frankfurt, would suggest that such a move is at least in consideration.

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