Sizzler closing makes way for Taco Bell

An ad looking for staff its first store in Brisbane’s Annerley has confirmed that the much-speculated rumor that the chain was planning to return.

Taco Bell is back in Australia.

Taco Bell first tried to break into Australia in the early ‘ 80s. Image: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

The American chain first tried to break into Australia it is difficult to fast food market in the early ‘ 80s, but withdrew after it was ordered to change its name is in conflict with a Sydney restaurant Taco Bell House.

They returned in 1997 with a store Sydney George Street, but by 2005, the tex-mex chain had left the country again.

His third coming will no doubt worry about the Mexican fast food chains that seem to have taken off in Australia in recent years.

Chains such as Guzman y Gomez, Mad Mex and Zambrero have experienced exponential growth in Australia recently, and clearly Taco Bell is wanting a slice of the taco.

Former Taco Bell boss Greg Creed said the chain was in the program back in 2014 in an interview with the Courier.

“Mexican food, that is not (widely) available five years ago, is now available. Of course, there has always been a lot of Asian food, but I’m really just blown away by the quality of food and restaurants that I have had the opportunity to visit the I’ve done here. Then you should never say never (to Taco Bell to re-enter Australia),” he said.

Sizzler Annerley was quickly destroyed after closing in the month of July.

The chain of take the place of demolition Sizzler Annerley closed on July 2, after 31 years of service to the dear bread, cheese, dedicated Queensland customers.

The chain of the licence held by Collins Foods Limited in Australia, which also operates several KFC and Sizzler outlets.