Passive aggressive note warns against the toilet seat ‘suspended’ technique

Amanda Terkel, Huffpost’s Washington Bureau chief, wrote on twitter a passive aggressive note spotted in his office, the bathroom, by listing in detail heartbreaking to why an unknown person should stop urinating on the toilet seat.

The main drama for the women’s bathroom at our office. This sign has popped up in a stable, in an anonymous form— Amanda Terkel (@aterkel) September 12, 2017

The hilarious print dissected all the possible reasons for accidentally splashing pee on the toilet seat, including the advice: “If you are afraid of germs, please Google as sitting on the seat is the least of your worries.”

For those playing at home, is widely accepted by microbiologists, infectious agents cannot be transmitted by sitting on a toilet seat.

“In most public restroom surfaces, human-associated bacteria dominate,” Dr Nilka Figueroa, Infectious Diseases Chief Fellow Harlem Hospital Center, said the Deputy.

“This bacteria are the skin microbes that most people already have, so that they present virtually no risk of infection.”

Moreover, the tests have found that common items such as an office keyboard and mouse, shopping cart, mobile phone, remote control and chopping board in the kitchen, all carrying more germs than a toilet seat.

But for those who can not do not shiver at the thought of putting their butt cheeks on a surface of another human being had potentially sat just moments before, the anonymous note leaver has addressed an appeal to their sense of the common good, asking that they have about “anyone who has the misfortune to SIT in a mess”.

“We all spend too much time at work, and many of us try to treat it as if it were our second home,” he concluded.

“Please consider the above points before the next time you use the hover technique’. And if you really have to do it again, can you please clean up after yourself, so that others do not have? Thanks and have a great day!”

Twitter users have responded with a mixture of sympathy for, the note coming out of those who have shared their frustration, irritation to the passive-aggressive tone.

Confirmation that “hovering” is only a great deal of confusion still so many passes because the bathroom is a mess…the creation of an endless pee-back loop— wpetersen2 (@C4Marchitecture) September 12, 2017

“Have a great day” at the end really annoys me. Fake, passive-aggressive politeness is a thousand times ruder than honest frustration— Tim Donovan (@tadonovan) September 12, 2017

I’ve never understood how a woman can pee on the seat, when the hole is so big purpose! Team Letter Writer!— Andria A. (@AndriaRazz) September 12, 2017

Unfortunately, we have a similar sign at our office, only that at the urinal of the men. Plan splatter is not cool. #PeopleAreGross— Citizen Deplorable (@CitizenDavidUSA) September 12, 2017— David Wright (@DavidWright_CNN) September 12, 2017

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