In social networks reported that the hurricane “Irma” drained the ocean off the coast of Florida

The disaster has led to the low tide, but the water came back

Social media users living in the U.S. state of Florida, claim that the hurricane “Irma” led to a strong tide, making it seem like that the ocean is “dry.” Users post photos and videos of the natural disaster.According to meteorologists, the eye of the hurricane very low pressure, because of which the water as it is drawn into it.

Creepy site – water in Tampa Bay is already being sucked out. This is a view from downtown St. Pete waterfront. #HurricaneIrma— Jason Beisel (@JasonBeisel) September 10, 2017.

Meteorologist Wayne Neely in Facebook explained that in the throes of the elements of the ocean water level rises to 3-4. 5 meters. He is gaining it with the external borders of the hurricane, in this case – from the Islands, long island, Exuma and Acklins.

At the National centre of the USA on hurricanes, noted that as soon as the wind changes direction, the water is returned.

Later, the residents of Florida began to celebrate that the water really back.

It came back