In Cherkasy region the roof of the plant equipped with solar panels

In Smila are preparing to implement a pilot project of the Swiss company

The Swiss company Designergy intends to establish production of solar panels on technology “TCR system” in Ukraine. About it the speech went at the meeting of the Chairman of the Saee Serhiy Savchuk with representatives of the company, the press service of the Ministry.

Designergy the company is engaged in the manufacture and installation of roofs with integrated solar panels. The uniqueness of the technology TCR system is to provide a high thermal insulation of the building, waterproofing the roof and the ability to produce electricity from solar energy and its release into the grid by the “green” tariff.

Now the company plans to implement a pilot project for the reconstruction of the roof of the plant “Dnipro” in the city of Smila in Cherkasy region.

“If the project in Cherkasy region will be successful in the future, it should multiply in other regions of Ukraine”, – said Serhiy Savchuk.

He also assured the company representatives that Ukraine has significant opportunities for manufacturers of solar panels: not only climatic, but also the legislature.

“In particular, with the participation of Saee developed and the Parliament adopted the Law of Ukraine, which established and tied to the Euro “green” tariff on a “clean” energy produced by solar panels on the roofs and facades of businesses. The peg to the Euro minimizes the risks of inflation, – said the Chairman of the Saee.