In Brazil gay exhibit is closed because of allegations of pedophilia and bestiality

The exhibition in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre was closed a month earlier after protests by right-wing radicals. On Tuesday, September 12, reports The Guardian.

The exhibition titled Queermuseu (“schwules Museum”) opened in the cultural center Santander Bank. It was supposed to last another month.

The Protestants of the movement “Free Brazil”, supported by Evangelical Christians, has accused the creators of the exhibition and presents the artists of pedophilia, blasphemy and bestiality. The curators denied the allegations.

The exhibition includes 263 the works of Brazilian artists, including the works of Candido Portinari and Lygia Clark.

“They have transgressed the limit of tolerance and we gave them the answer”, — said the pastor-Evangelist Silas Spooge.

Art community of Brazil expressed concern that the incident could mark the emergence of “threat of censorship”.