Expert: the law on the reintegration of Donbass is a script freezing the conflict

According to the political scientist, head of analytical Center “Third sector” Andrei Zolotarev, the much-discussed law on the reintegration of Donbass in fact – the law on the freezing of the conflict.

“Because if he (the law on reintegration of Donbas — Ed.) will be accepted, no reintegration of Donbas we will not see. In fact, we get the scenario that we see in the case of Karabakh or Transnistria”, – said Zolotarev, adding, however, that there are a number of moments showing that the “ice was broken”.

According to experts, any conflict begins with the dehumanization of the enemy, “because “separable” or “maydanutogo” it is easier to kill than the same as you.”

“Until you made the reverse of the propaganda machine… Let’s at least say it is not a “terrorist” and “separatist”. Case Syroid was scandalous, but still need to have the courage to call a spade a spade. And if we want a peaceful settlement, then it is necessary to try to see the opposite side of those people that need to engage in dialogue, and not aim for their destruction. Otherwise this conflict could drag on for years,” said Zolotarev.

For the authorities, he said, the variant of a protracted conflict is normal, because it gives you the opportunity to “profit from the smuggling deal with the increased military orders”. In General, said the analyst, is now a huge problem in the country that no one can speak in a clear and coherent alternative to the policy of the current government.