Celebrity art dealer sent to prison for thefts

A prominent art dealer parts at a cost of almost £500,000 of steel in a crime compared to a Hollywood blockbuster.

Jonathan Poole, 69, of Poulton, near Cirencester, admitted to stealing a painting and art works, which he was not entitled.

His crimes were.compared to the plot of The Thomas Crown affair Gloucester Crown Court, where he was in prison for four years

The court heard that he represents the art of the estate of John Lennon, and Ronnie Wood.


The stolen items included a painting of Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and Bono. Some pieces have never been followed up.

The thefts were stolen from more than three decades, with the piece of British collectors, including Dire Straits’ bass guitarist John Illsley, and a German art dealer.

Poole, a renowned wildlife artists, which closed in the possession of two art galleries in the Cotswolds, but after he got into financial difficulties. He also attempted his own life, the court heard.

James Ward, the Prosecutor said: “He was trustworthy, by the wealthy individual who invests in art.

“He was trusted by International celebrities, to keep the name of the house, their art estates he represented and celebrated, famous as Ronnie Wood, Miles Davis, and the legendary John Lennon.”‘A Player’

He went on to dub the case of Jonathan Poole affair after the Hollywood film The Thomas Crown affair.

“During the Thomas crown stole, as a challenge, because his world had said to brooding for sure, Jonathan Poole, a gambling habit, or to store your stole either to Finance the money for later in life, or to Finance a lifestyle he couldn’t afford,” the Lord of the Church.

“Although admitting to the police he was a gambler, is to know the crown never the real motive for him thieving on such a Grand scale.”

Sebastian Krüger

In a previous hearing, Poole 26 charges of theft and fraud between 1986 and 2013 approved. He denied a further 32 similar charges were ordered to lie on file.

Judge Michael Cullum said his client placed a lot of trust in him.

“You were well connected, to know better than almost anyone what is in your possession, and how much it was worth,” he said.

“The references in front of me in order to clarify it absolutely that their professional knowledge was unquestionable and highly respected.

“Against that, you were dishonest in many aspects of life.”

Sebastian Krüger