At Parliament building, where the campaign for the legalization of not cleared cars, provocateurs tried to set fire to tyres, police

One man was taken to the police Department

Thursday, September 7, at Parliament building, where the campaign for the legalization of not cleared cars, clashes between police and protesters that lasted about two minutes. This was reported correspodent the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, people beat on metal barrels, blew a tire, threw bottles and sticks, smoke grenade, and the participants managed to draw closer to the Parliament building. When militiamen began to move, the protesters began to flee in Mariinsky Park, because someone began to shout supposedly crush the protesters in the ring.

Head of division of communications of the Metropolitan police Oksana Blischik told the TV channel “112 Ukraine” that during the collision no one was hurt, one man was taken to the police Department. And according to protesters, clashes organized provocateurs that have no relation to the rally had not.

“There was a bad incident today, a group of people is brought to Parliament under the tires, tried to set fire, but the police intervened in the situation, stopped the illegal actions. No one was hurt. Among these offenders, one man was taken to the police Department to determine who he is, what he’s got to be the motives of such actions. While chatting with the event organizers, there is, they noted that it was provocateurs and these people are irrelevant to those who are directly involved in their events,” he said in the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Later, as reported korrespodent, the leaders of the campaign announced that the rally is complete.

“The campaign has ended. The leaders of the campaign said the scene, the action is completed and the regional heads will disperse to regions where they will carry out certain work. People in this area is not very optimistic received this information, they are unhappy that they have to disperse, but to no results. The statement was made immediately after the bout of people with law enforcement authorities”, – said the journalist.

As reported yesterday by the Verkhovna Rada took action for the legalization of uncleared cars. The drivers announced an indefinite protest action. The rally near the Verkhovna Rada was attended by about 850 cars.

Today, September 7, the participants continued the action.