A tribute to Philip Kirkorov at the “New wave-2017”: Vera Brezhneva, Polina Gagarina, Timothy, and other celebrity guests

Vera Brezhneva, Filipp Kirkorov

Every year the organizers of the contest of young singers “New wave” prepared for the spectators and participants a lot of musical surprises. This year one of them was a tribute to Philip Kirkorov, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist.

Himself the king of pop knew about the upcoming gala evening for a long time. And worry about the upcoming show started already.

That this year will be a gala concert in my honor, I found out at the closing of “New wave in 2016.” Since then, I kept thinking about how everything goes. We have long since begun to prepare for this show. And I’ll spend the evening.My main hits colleagues immediately snapped up. And it so happened that I have left (laughs). But I will sing new songs. So I will mark the beginning of a new five-year plan in his career— said Kirkorov.



Ani Lorak

Jasmine and Philip Kirkorov

Alsu, Polina Gagarina, Vitas, Dima Bilan, Ani Lorak, Svetlana Loboda, Timothy, Lubov Uspenskaya, Nikolai Baskov… more than Three dozen stars arrived in Sochi to honor Kirkorov, singing one of his songs.

Lyme Vajkule and Dima Bilan


Polina Gagarina


Vera Brezhneva

Kristina Orbakaite

Ani Lorak

Yana Rudkovskaya son Nikolai Baturin (Kolyas)

Sergey Lazarev

Svetlana Loboda


Leonid Agutin

Baigali Serkebayev, Keti Topuriya Vladimir Mikloshich (group A’studio)

Masha Rasputina

Nikolay Baskov


Laima Vaikule

Alexander Panayotov


Anastasia Zadorin

Zhanna Martirosyan

Valery Leontiev

Igor Krutoy with his wife Olga

Oleg Gazmanov

Igor Nikolaev

Alexander Revva with his wife Angelica

Soso Pavliashvili and his wife Irina

Bedros Kirkorov

Lubov Uspenskaya

Linden Teterich

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So, Kristina Orbakaite, which the host of the party calls a “beloved sister” made a bid for song “Cruel love”, presenting the audience recitals Kirkorov their interpretation of this hit.

Kristina Orbakaite

Kristina Orbakaite and Philip Kirkorov

Of course, not to go on stage, New Wave Hall this evening could not friend and colleague Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev, who choose from the repertoire of the king of pop song “Heart in a 1,000 candles”.

Now at this stage is talented, young and very popular actor, with whom I have a special relationship. With him we had a very bright work on the Eurovision song contest in 2016. The song You Are The Only One song I have written for him in collaboration with Kontopoulos. But I don’t think this song is about, but talking about the song “Heart in a 1,000 candles”, which gave me a collaboration with a beautiful girl and a talented author Irina Dubtsova.Ira wrote me one of my favorite songs. It’s true. And I want to note that none of the songs from tonight’s concert, I didn’t impose on anyone — chose themselves what they wanted to perform from my repertoire. So I’m doubly pleased that this young, successful, beautiful artist chose this song. Please welcome on stage — Sergey Lazarev!— presented Kirkorov Lazarev.

Sergey Lazarev and Philipp Kirkorov

And while some artists performed solo, and Kirkorov was watching from the side, in the case of Vera Brezhneva he picked up the microphone to keep her company and add fire to an already hot room.

Was the year 2000. I went on tour in Los Angeles, continued the experiments with my image. Being then on Rodeo drive, I saw a trendy lounge. There is something to do with brad pitt and Tom cruise. I could not resist and went. And so I returned to Moscow from a tour, had to make a new video. Go to Gusev and say, “Come on.” Gusev says: “I love you so, will not shoot”. Me: “what?”. He said: “This song, the Greeks wrote… How de so crazy? I’m such a bastard to remove, I will not” (on the panels behind Kirkova flashed his picture of the times when he had short bleached hair).I was very soft, were easily influenced. Follow the advice of the “smart” advisers. I do not regret it — done what done. So, that is distinct from Gusev I liked it. I turned to Sergei Kalvarskaya, Alla Duhova ballet which made me a gorgeous choreography, and we made a crazy temperamental clip. And it just so happened that this song in Russia, apparently, can do only blondes and blondes, because now this will be one of the most, no, the striking blonde of our platform. My friend is an incredible Vera Brezhneva with the song “Fire and water”.

Vera Brezhneva

However, even the most popular artists, speaking today at the gala concert and colorful outfits (and there were about 12) Kirkorov remained this evening in the shade, and all because of the performances of the two young artists — children of the host of the show. Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov performed to the audience the father’s song “my Bunny”.

My biggest musical hit I can only trust the main hits of my entire life — my favorite and most expensive children. Alla Victoria Kirkorov and Martin Kirkorov!

— introduced the daughter and son of the singer.

Philip Kirkorov with children

Further — more. For a three-hour concert featuring friends star Philip Kirkorov followed his solo mini-concert, after which the singer didn’t let the audience applauding the artist is standing.

Timati and Philipp Kirkorov


Alexander Revva

Igor Krutoy and Alexander Panayotov

Dima Bilan

Masha Rasputina and Philip Kirkorov

Laima Vaikule

Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov

Victoria Lopyreva