Why Land Rover need to SVX, the discovery of

The discovery SVX somehow is bridging across the Land Rover product range, with an extreme and purely off-road-focused vehicle that was missing, because the defender went out of production at the beginning of last year.

The ability of Land Rover products on all terrains is not in doubt, but the off-road image and lifestyle that the brand portrays, was missing from the poster child to give the brand, the authenticity it needs.

Despite a slow seller in the vicinity of the end of his life, the defenders have an important role in the review of the Land Rover brand image and in order for it to produce credible models, such as the Evoque and road dared concentrated Velar played.

To give a new lawyer, the brand authenticity, not by is for at least a couple of years, so that the discovery SVX is a welcome arrival to the role in the meantime.

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