Purist-focused Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Pack images leak

The Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Pack has been leaked in advance of its official presentation at the Frankfurt motor show.

Originally leaked Autopresse but now hosted at the PorscheGT NL fan page, the images show an appearance similar to the 911 GT3, with the same front spoiler with a deep air intakes, rear bumper with air intakes and twin central exhausts, although not the GT3 rear spoiler.


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Sep 11, 2017 12:47 PDT

The cover of the motor, however, seems to have the same spoiler as standard for the 911, which raises up automatically, instead of being in a fixed position, such as that of the GT3.

In confirmation of previous reports of a purist’s 911, the Touring Pack is also reportedly available only with a manual transmission, the first GT3 based on the models since the limited edition 911 R of last year. It is not yet known if the Touring Pack will be a limited run like the 911, but the name suggests.

Inside, a black interior is depicted, with the leather and cloth seats.

The GT3 full 493bhp is maintained, and the brand, the Sport Chrono package is also available, in addition to other GT3 options, including ceramic brakes.

The maximum speed of the Touring Pack is down from the full-fat GT3, but only by 2mph – the Touring Pack 196mph against the GT3 is 198mph.

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