Pamfilova called for the deletion of the rush during the announcement of election results

The Chairman of the Central election Commission of Russia Ella Pamfilova has advised the regional commissions not to hurry with approval of the final election results. She stated on Monday, September 11, reports RIA Novosti.

“The fact that there were no complaints now on the voting day, does not mean that they will not appear later,” said Pamfilova.

The CEC called on the election commissions “utmost care” to treat all the received appeals and review them before the announcement of the election results.

According to “Interfax”, in the Belgorod region were annulled the results of voting at two sites. According to the head of regional election Commission Nikolay Pletnev, there was a break the rules of on-site voting.

“Invalid 111 ballots at one site and 92 at another. Thus, in total, we canceled more than 200 ballots,” he said.

In the Belgorod region in the single voting day, September 10, gubernatorial elections were held. After processing all the ballots for them in the lead acting head of the region Yevgeny Savchenko, he was supported by 69.29% of voters.

Just Russia held more than 5.8 thousand elections and referendums at different levels. In particular, in 16 regions elected governors, six deputies of the regional parliaments.