Bread prices in Ukraine will increase

Bread in October may rise by an average of 50 cents. Because of the drought the harvest was less than last year – about 37 million tons of grain.

“The biggest shortfall in the Kiev and Cherkassy regions. It is minus one tonne per hectare of grain”, – says the Director of the Department of agriculture and technical policy in agroindustrial complex Vladimir topchy.

Because of falling crop prices rose on the international market, where Ukraine is one of the key exporters of grain. Therefore, the farmers sell more wheat and in the country.

“I can clearly say that the productivity of my farms below somewhere around 30 – 40% than last year. Sell where the price is cheaper because there is no sense to work, to grow and to die for nothing,” said the farmer Gregory Bozin.

The all-Ukrainian agrarian Council give a forecast: this year, per ton of wheat will ask for about $ 180. This is 10% more expensive than last year. Accordingly, the same may increase the price of bread products.

“If grain prices go up, it will be correspondingly more expensive flour. And, for example, in pricing of bread is about 30 – 35% out of flour. That is, if will we see the rise in price of flour, it will affect the fact that the bread will rise in price”, – explains the President of Ukrainian agrarian Council Denis Marchuk.

Predict that bread will go up in October and November, an average of 50 cents per loaf.