Australian border Force officer dragged into the alleged drug ring

The official service, Craig Eakin, was detained along with a woman, former Customs and Border Protection Service officer.

Eakin, 42, from Brighton-Le-Sands, has been accused of smuggling, bribery, abuse of public office, to help a criminal group, non-authorized access and treatment in the proceeds of crime.

Johayna Merhi, 41, of Hurtsville, has been accused of conspiracy to bribe, smuggling, assistance to a criminal group and dealing in the proceeds of crime.

The Daily Telegraph reported that it will be alleged Ms Merhi, who used to work in Customs, have a connection to the Koder Jomaa, who this week was arrested in Dubai and faces extradition.

Jomaa out of Sydney, to Dubai three years after the collapse of his marriage and quickly establish a healthy inspired restaurant and delivery service of Setting the Food out of the Kitchen at the exclusive Jumeirah Lake Towers.

The arrests following dawn raids on Tuesday, when the AFP officers swooped on homes and businesses throughout Sydney.

“Unfortunately, during this operation, we have found some of the allegations of corrupt activity, that the union was exploited to try to get their drugs into the country,” Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan, said Thursday.

Koder Jomaa.

“We will be alleging that these individuals use their knowledge and experience to help the Jomaa organized crime family bring border controlled drugs into Australia.” The pair are two of a group of eight people arrested in Sydney and one in Dubai about his involvement in an alleged conspiracy to import illegally drugs, and tobacco in Australia.

Ms Merhi, whose LinkedIn profile describes as a researcher, Australian Custom Services, appeared briefly in the dock yesterday for a brief appearance in where she did not apply for bail, reported The Telegraph.

She had a great number of supporters in the court, with an elderly woman wiping away tears as she was brought to the courtroom by the guards.

Tuesday, 17 people were arrested throughout the three countries, including two brothers of the Kings of the Cross the night life of the figure of John Ibrahim, the prevention of more than two tons of illicit drugs reaching Australia.

The border Protection Minister Peter Dutton said that the allegations against the portion ABF official of serious and defended the reputation of the agency.

“I want to apologize to all of the Australian Border Force officers for the alleged conduct of this officer,” he told reporters in Canberra. “This besmirches 5,500 officers that do a great job.

“It just takes one bad apple.” Mr Dutton, in continuation, pointed out the endemic corruption in Australia’s ports “from colonization”, in particular in Sydney and Melbourne.

“Our job is to weed it out,” he added.

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