Tragic blow to the breast cancer that suffers

Angela Knight, a full-time disability carer, which took out this year’s Citizen of the Year award in the Brighton Council, awoke on Saturday to find his beloved Toyota is missing from the driveway.

We found a burned wreck, completely destroyed, on Cove Hill Road Bridgewater, 19km from Hobart.

The Tasmania Fire Service had been called out earlier in the morning when the thief, not content with having just stolen the car, he decided to light it up as well.

There seemed to be filmed before it caught fire.

Ms Knight, who co-founded the Bridgewater-Gagebrook Clean up the organization, said that it would have been a “great shock” if she had not taken hold of a loan until they find a replacement.

Luckily I had just finished a course of daily radiation treatment for the cancer, he said.

“I really miss my little Toyota, but I know that I am very lucky to have had insurance, so many of the cars are stolen and burned, and for a lot of people that never recover and end up having to rely on public transportation or a friend,” Ms Knight said.

She said that the authors needed to not only be accountable, but was introduced to a program where they could repair cheap cars and go back to the victims.

“I would say to the people that destroyed my car that can only be fun for them, which causes great difficulties for its victims, it is a struggle to find other means of transportation, not to mention the strain it puts on finances,” she said.

Ms Knight said that the car theft was a daily problem in the area.

“We know that it is a problem for many areas of Tasmania and we are racking our brains to find some kind of solution,” he said.

Do not take things lying down Ms Knight said that he would raise the issue at the community forum on August 31 in Brighton Civic Centre at 6pm.

The forum of tack issues such as “the vandalism and the theft of cars and other issues” that the community feels the need to address.

Ms Knight was awarded the Citizen of the Year on Australia Day for his work on the cleaning of Brighton Municipality.

Together with Mark Bartlett formed the Bridgewater/Gagebrook Clean Group that has been dedicated to cleaning up trash in the area.

Angela Knight of Bridgewater with his burnt Corolla in Cove Hill Road. Bridgewater. Picture: SAM ROSEWARNE.

Originally published as a Tragic blow to the breast cancer that suffers