Natalia Ionova, Maria Kozhevnikov, Aleksey Chadov, Alexander Revva and other guests at the premiere of “the Grandmother of easy virtue”

Marius Weisberg, Maria Kozhevnikova, Natalia Bardo, Natalia Ionova, Alexander Revva with his wife Angelica

In Moscow cinema “October” premiere of the Comedy by Marius Weisberg “Grandma easy virtue” starring Alexander Revva, Natalia Ionova, Philip, Natalia Bardo and others. The Director and performers of the main roles presented a picture of famous guests. Among the invited audience, took place on the red carpet, was spotted Alexei Chadov, Dmitry Dibrov, Maria Kozhevnikova…

At the premiere of “the Grandmother of easy virtue” in Moscow

Alexander Revva, who played in the movie “Grandma easy virtue” master of disguise, came to the premiere with his wife Angelica. In the film, Weisberg Revva created the image of extravagant Alexandra Fishman his character gets stuck and hides in a nursing home in the guise of an elderly aunt.

Natalia Ionova chose for the premiere two-tone mini dress and the makeup smoky eyes, which has helped the singer to create the Lancôme makeup artists.

Before the Moscow premiere of “Grandma easy virtue” Natalia together with other team members of the movie were picture at “Kinotavr-2017” in Sochi and at the recent festival of “Heat” in Baku. In hire the Comedy Marius Weisberg, will be released on August 17.

Natalia Ionova

Maria Kozhevnikova

Igor zhizhikin and Alexei Chadov

Alexander Revva and Marius Weisberg

Alexander Revva with his wife

Artem Mikhalkov

Adelina Sotnikova

Tatiana Gevorgyan

Natalia Bardo and Marius Weisberg

Polina and Dmitry Dibrovy

Konstantin Andrikopulos and Olga Tsypkina

Antonina papernaya and Vladimir Yaglych

Maria Fedorova

Anna Gorshkova

Alexey Makarov