“Movie day” at the “New wave-2017”: Sergei Lazarev, Alsou, Dima Bilan, Philip Kirkorov, Angelika Varum and everything

Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev

This is the third time within the framework of the International competition of young singers of popular music “New wave” will pass “Day of cinema”, the leading of which by tradition has become Nikita Mikhalkov.

Some celebrities came to the concert to enjoy with work colleagues, others to speak. Alsu, Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Philip Kirkorov, Angelika Varum, Jasmine… On the red carpet posed for regular participants and guests of “waves”.


Dima Bilan and Lime Teterich

Lera Kudryavtseva and Sergey Lazarev

Angelika Varum

Tatiana and Nikita Mikhalkov


Dima Bilan

Sergey Lazarev

Anton Belyaev

Igor Krutoy with his wife Olga

Irina Dubtsova

Lera Kudryavtseva

Arman Davletyarov

Zhanna Martirosyan and Igor Gulyaev

Timur Rodrigez

Olga Steep and Jasmine

Alexander Buinov and Igor Nikolaev

Alexey Vorobyov


Yulianna Karaulova

Linden Teterich

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This evening from the stage of the New Wave Hall sounded songs included in the history of world cinema, and the history of the music industry.

So, the whole audience danced to the song Chuck berry You Never Can Tell, which became the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino’s “pulp fiction,” performed by Alexey Vorobyov, and also the song “my Dear Muscovites”, sung by Dima Bilan.

Dima Bilan

Alexey Vorobyov

Yulianna Karaulova

Timur Rodriguez played for the assembled audience hit this summer — the song Can’t Stop the Feeling! Justin Timberlake.

We have prepared for you the words in Russian,

— shouted the artist, offering the audience to sing along with him.

Timur Rodrigez

Lolita also sang the song “Bury me under the plinth”, dedicated to Faina Ranevskaya. The performance artist was so emotional that scene she left with tears in their eyes and the applause of the audience.

Sometimes something real call bullshit. But this is real,

— said Mikhalkov about leaving the scene lolita.


Lolita and Nikita Mikhalkov

Sang today and Mikhalkov himself, the story before about the “eternal and strong” hits:

The song is part of the story and becomes eternal only when people can not speak. “Dark night” is a brilliant song. Besame Mucho was written by a girl at the age of 17, her name was Consuelo velázquez Torres. She wrote in her 40th year, and in 2009, Besame Mucho was the official motto of the city of Mexico. More than six eponymous paintings were removed from its inception until 2001. Such songs do exist, they live, they can’t pretend they don’t become massive hits, but the man caught her ear in memory, catches himself thinking that he goes and repeats her words.This song, this song Joseph Aloka on tango music called Jerzy Petersburski “Last Sunday” or “Burnt by the sun”. It was the theme to my picture “Burnt by the sun”. And the first picture and the second to the third. And I want to reiterate that I’m not trying to compete with amazing professionals and talented people that are here before me was, but as the host of this evening I would ask you to remember this song and remember our picture.

Nikita Mikhalkov

So ended the first part of the concert program of the second day of competition “New wave-2017”, which is taking place these days in Sochi with the support of Russian Railways and jewelry company Mercury.

Immediately after his speech Mikhalkov before the mission of the presenter Lera Kudryavtseva.

Lera Kudryavtseva

Dima Bilan and Lime Teterich

Philip Kirkorov with children

Dima Bilan

The latter, incidentally, appeared on the scene in the company of Sergey Lazarev, but he was quickly “shooed” at the table of the jury Timur Rodriguez, saying that this “improvement”:

It’s about time, Sergey has to pass the lead of the “New wave” to someone else, after all, not so many years to take this scene.

Lera Kudryavtseva, Sergey Lazarev and Nikita Mikhalkov

Following an hour or more before guests New Wave Hall were the contestants this year 14 artists from nine countries who performed world hits.

“The jury of the contest “New wave-2017”: Arman Davletyarov, Igor Nikolaev, Konstantin Meladze, Igor Krutoy, Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev,

Anton Belyaev, Angelica Varum and Arman Davletyarov

The contestants of the “New wave-2017”

Tomorrow in the concert of jury members (Igor Krutoy, Konstantin Meladze, Angelica Varum, Alsou, Igor Nikolaev, Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Intars Busulis) and the second day of the contest.