Videochat: world’s fastest barn on wheels up to 154 km/h

British engineer Kevin nix broke up a wooden shed on wheels at an incredible speed in 154,46 km/h and set a new world record, writes “Popular Mechanics”.

No, in this case, the “barn” is not disparaging the name of the car in the station wagon. It’s a barn in the truest sense of the word — a small wooden building, though on a metal frame. The ability to move in space, he received the thanks of the chassis of an old Volkswagen Passat, which the Briton set the shed instead of the standard body. The car was equipped with a 2.8-liter gasoline engine V6 power of 200 horsepower and two-ton barn could normally accelerate, the engine has a system of injection of nitrous oxide, which briefly increases its power to 275 HP.

Despite the absurdity of the idea of a shed on wheels, it is a complete vehicle with lighting and the state registration signs. Kevin nix was going to disperse the shed up to 100 miles per hour, but due to the inclement British weather the speed of shed on the runway of the airfield Elvington in North Yorkshire did not exceed 96 miles per hour, or 154,46 km/h. However, this result is highly impressive: the barn is officially the fastest in the world.

We will remind, the American turned in a terrible Toyota Camry the Batmobile with machine guns.