Toronto Film Festival: George Clooney ‘sick’ shooting Suburbicon

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George Clooney has said that “he felt sick”, while the direction of some scenes of his new movie Suburbicon.

The plot of the film we see a black family move into a predominantly white suburban community in the 1950s.

“The most difficult part [of shooting] was, we were in a very racially diverse neighborhood in Fullerton, California,” Clooney said.

“And we’ve had about 350 extras that they were going to throw a bunch of racial slurs and say a lot of pretty terrible things.”

Clooney added: “everybody who was doing the film, we all just felt sick while we were doing it.”


Referring to the way in which the family is treated in the film, the director said: “These are the things that happened – [neighbours] sang hymns of the church, hung the flags of the confederacy over the fence, they built a fence around your home, these are the things that really happened.

“But it was disgusting to be a part of it honestly, so that was one of the most difficult things to shoot.”

The film, which is currently showing as part of the Festival of Cinema of Toronto, was conceived during the period prior to the u.s. elections in November 2016, which was won by Donald Trump.

Clooney said: “we had seen some of the things in the electoral campaign where they were talking about the construction of fences, and the search for scapegoats the Mexicans and the Muslims, and we are always reminded that these are not new things and new moments of our history.

“So we thought it would be interesting to talk about it, but we wanted the movie to be entertaining, not a documentary, we don’t want to be an eat-your-spinach piece of cinema.

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“So we’ve merged with [an existing Coen Brothers script] Suburbicon, because we thought it was a funny idea to put it in the suburbs in the 1950s, where we all thought everything was perfect – if you were a white straight male.”

The actor and director said that the real life of the political climate, the film was shot on ultimately altered the tone of the film.

“While we were filming, the success was elected, and changed the temperature of the film in a strange way,” Clooney explained.

“The country more, whichever side you were on. We had to cut out some of Josh Brolin the scenes, and one of the reasons is that they were really funny’s funny, and it felt like the wrong tone suddenly.”

The film is starring Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Karimah Westbrook – who drew parallels between his character (the mother of the African-american family) and his own experience of the entertainment industry.

“I think the beginning there were a lot of correlations far as what I’ve experienced in Hollywood,” he said.

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“I wore my hair natural for a very long time, so when I moved to Hollywood I had an afro, and my manager said, ‘you’re never going to work with your hair like that, you will have to straighten it’.

“I struggled with that for years, my appearance, my hair… but I feel that things have changed so much in the industry, we have so many African-American women starring in shows now, so I feel that there has been progress, but there is still a lot of things were facing on both sides.”

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