Star Wars actor Mark Hamill ‘admits Wolves’

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Star Wars legend Mark Hamill has become a fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club – even if it is by accident.

After fans on Twitter suggested that he could support Wolves, this has a ‘like’ of Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker.

@HamillHimself said on Twitter when asked if he liked the Wolves, “I thought it meant the animal”, but adds, “everyone got so excited-I HAD to be a fan.”

The club said it had confirmed that it was a fan and the force was “strong”.’Landspeeder step’

Fans of the group from the Wolves Fancast twitter that had the fact that he had liked a tweet as confirmation that he was now a fan.

The club said that it would be unveiled to the media chat, and he added: “We have sent a tweet to Mark, who responded to confirm that he has now pledged his allegiance to the Wolves – is clearly a good judge!

“The force is certainly strong at Molineux at the moment with the team making an excellent start to the season, and it was perhaps fitting that yesterday the match against Millwall finished Obi Wan-Nil.

“There’s always room in the Wolf Pack for the Last of The Jedi, and there is the open invitation to Mark to attend a match at the Molineux should your Landspeeder never happens.”

It all started with @HamillHimself taste like a Tweet of a #Wolves fan, which caused fans on Twitter to ask if he was a fan.

End of the post to Twitter by @WWFCFancast

The actor sent a tweet in reply that he was now as which had made him “feel like family”.

End of the post to Twitter by @HamillHimself