Revealed: Michelle Leng terrifying last hours before his uncle killed his

IN the hours before her uncle murdered her, Michelle Leng lay alive, naked, tied, gagged and terrified on her bed as she filmed with her cell phone.

The images of Ms Leng black tape and a white cloth around the mouth, and an expression of “fear and terror on her face.

It was Friday, 22 April, 2016 and even though she was short of time before being brutally stabbed to death, it was days before his body would have been found.

At some point, while he was still alive, but held back in his bedroom inside his aunt’s Campsie drive west of Sydney, Ms Leng cousin arrived at the home on the floor below.

The young woman was aware that his cousin was tied up and locked in a room above her, at the mercy of Ms Leng’s uncle, Derek Barrett.

Only two years younger than the burly worker who was married with his aunt, Ms Leng was facing the last hours of what had to be a better life pursued in Australia.

Instead, she would have been killed because of Barrett’s sick obsession with the beautiful young graduate.

Michelle Leng left China to pursue her dream of studying in Australia, but was brutally murdered by her obsessive uncle, Derek Barrett.

Derek Barrett and nephew brutally murdered after he was shot bound, gagged and terrorized in her bedroom, Michelle Leng (right).

Michelle Leng, left, to his aunt, 2012 wedding of Derek Barrett (right) who killed the granddaughter of four years later.

Michelle Leng, the mother believed her daughter, I would be sure to live in Sydney, but the 25-year-or was cruelly murdered by his uncle.

His body was thrown in the same NSW Central Coast puddle of water he photographed as a tourist three years earlier.

Ms Leng, the body would be found floating face down in the Snapper Point blowhole and the perverse things that were done to her can now be revealed after his killer pleaded guilty.

AAP reported Thursday that Derek Barrett, 28, has pleaded guilty to murder, and shooting Ms Leng, while he was alive.

Appearing in a video in Burwood Local Court, Barrett admitted he indecently assaulted his niece before killing her and dumping the body in a blowhole in the month of April of last year.

Barrett also pleaded guilty to the taking or detention of a person with the intent to obtain advantage and three counts of committing an act of indecency with a person above the age of 16 years.

It can now be revealed that Barrett shot his victim in the shower in Campsie the house they shared with his aunt and he jerks off on her while she slept.

Images of Barrett’s phone shows Ms Leng, naked, tied up and gagged on her bed.

The 25-year-old from Chengdu, which was also known by her Chinese name to Mengmei, had left China in 2011 to study.

CCTV of Michelle Leng, the day before she was stabbed to death by her uncle in a shared apartment with his cousin and aunt.

Derek Barrett lived with Michelle Leng and her aunt in this condo (above) for four years before he killed the university graduate.

Michelle Leng (left) and Derek Barrett (right) with members of the family on Christmas Day 2015, four months before stabbing to death.

Ms Leng mother, who loved her daughter after the death of her husband in an earthquake, believed Ms Leng would be safe living with her aunt.

In 2016, Ms Leng, aunt, 48, often spent time in Wollongong for work, the daughter, Ms Leng’s cousin, also lived in Campsie dish.

Videos that vary in length from 30 seconds to two minutes of the show, Barrett masturbates on Ms Leng while he was asleep.

Police say Barrett recorded the setting of a camera in the bathroom used by the Ms Leng, hidden behind the courtesy.

In the video recovered from Barrett’s phone, Ms Leng can be seen in the bathroom, undressing and showering.

In one video, Barrett seems to be “preparing a bath”, before calling Ms Leng, who was later shot in the bathtub.

On the day of his death, Ms Leng was bound and gagged by Barrett in his bedroom, and photographed by him retained, and fear.

His aunt was absent for two days in Wollongong.

Michelle Leng with Derek Barrett, who has his arm around his wife, Ms Leng aunt, in a photo taken at Chinese new year 2015.

The police search Snapper clues Point after Ms Leng, naked body is found floating face down in the blowhole.

Mei Zhang cries at the Sydney press conference.

Michelle Leng and his mother Mei Zhang.

Barrett then murdered Ms Leng, stabbed her more than 30 times.

Two days later, on Sunday, April 24, last year, Barrett has pushed Ms Leng the naked body of the Snapper Point and disposed of in the water.

The tourists found the body the same day, but because not identified, the police have issued an image of a computer-generated of the dead woman’s face.

When Ms Leng aunt arrived home from Wollongong, has made Barrett accompany her to report her nephew, as a missing person to the police.

Ms Leng has been identified as the Snapper Point body three days later; back in China, family and friends were devastated by the news.

Officers studied CCTV footage of Ms Leng shopping in Pitt Street, in the centre of Sydney, the Thursday before his disappearance, and catching a train from the city to the Campsie train station.

The following day, the 30th of April, the police charged Derek Barrett with Ms Leng murder.

Ms Leng, the mother of Mei Zhang, flew from China to Sydney and spoke about her terrible loss, in a press conference.

Ms Zhang bowed his head and wept as she described her relationship with her daughter and the pain of losing her.

“We have also today still can not accept the fact that she has left us and we are still in great pain,” ms. Zhang said.

“The time will never go back to a time when Mengmei, we lived happily together.”

Last year, Derek Barrett’s lawyer said of the that his client was having a “very unpleasant” now in custody at Silverwater Correctional Centre.

Barrett will face a hearing in the NSW Supreme Court in the month of October.