Finance news you need to know today

Meanwhile, the Australian dollar slipped against a weakening of the greenback. The local currency is trading at 80.56 U.S. cents at 0700 AEST on Monday, it was, from 81.00 on Friday.


ATHENS — Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says the International monetary Fund should decide whether it is to Finance Greece’s current bailout program by the end of the year, and Greece to help close a key bailout test on time.

WASHINGTON, DC — US President Donald Trump says that he will ask the Republican – controlled Congress to continue to accelerate their efforts to overhaul the U.S. tax code, citing the possible impact of the hurricane Irma a reason, the reforms to accelerate.

LONDON — Tony Blair says that the only way the success of the UK’s EU-exit is in the UK Singapore-style low tax, low regulation country in competition with the European Union.

BEIJING — China is, along with France and great Britain in the announcement of plans to end sales of petrol and diesel cars. China’s Ministry of industry developed a timetable to end the production and sale of traditional fuel cars and encourage the development of electric technology, state media quoted a Cabinet official to say.


DOLLAR and A rising Australian dollar pushed through the 81 US cent mark for the first time in January 2015, climbing is more than a US cent in less than a day.

HOUSING FINANCE — Home loan approvals have shown that a surprise lift in July, but the ongoing decline in investor loans, which underlined that the effectiveness of the recently introduced lending controls.

CBA — Australia’s financial sector regulator has appointed three panel members to ask, in the Commonwealth Bank, governance, culture and accountability.