We have people fall asleep and Wake up with the name of Putin, and I’m not interested

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykhailo Dobkin on air of the program “Gordon” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said, how often reviewing a movie about “text is moronic is written”, why his brother went to the Parliament and the end of excited in relation to his case

Gordon: “Gordon”, and my guest today people’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykhailo Dobkin.

Good evening. You’re often reviewing a movie where you’re complaining about Kernes, “the text is moronic is written”?

Dobkin: not Now. Earlier often. In different periods of time I was treated: from anger to positive brand perception today. Many people who do PR, I was often asked a question, not specifically whether we made it? Did not specifically author I find, happy to give him his prize.

– You began to feel a star after this movie? You know in other countries?

– Yes they will. In Russian-speaking countries. In Moscow, even promised to do a fan club. But it’s been a long time – I don’t know if that has been done. As for the “star”, that I’m not working in the show. I’m not a journalist, not an actor.

– Is the Ukrainian policy does not show in the long run?

Show. But this is a show that creates stars. This show, which, unfortunately, brings a lot of misery to the people and the country as a whole. Therefore, there are no stars. There is practically all – anti-heroes.

– Compared to Mike, that “no money will not give,” you’ve grown quite a bit. Someone with you work?

– Family, friends, life. Who could teach life better than life itself? Or suggest better than mother, wife, brother, children? So I don’t need anyone – I’m only missing. I have this plan, thank God, all right. The father is not enough… he died the year before.

– In 2007-2008 I was in the Kharkov city administration and said that Yanukovych will never become President. Kernes said: “You do not understand. This nation needs Shavat convict”. G. Kernes – the clairvoyant?

– He is very experienced person in life. Many things feel in my gut, plus he has a very sharp mind. I guess all this gives him the opportunity to see a little further than others. That’s what all the smart people from the idiots. A smart man knows how to anticipate.

Well we have for the people that he had “lap it up” con.

– People can not touch it. It is a sacred thing. Although in our country the policy through many Holy things crossed and began to mock the memory of those heroes who are unable to answer them. Every nation has its way. Moses of the Jews forty years in the desert led, and I think that they are his last words were called, so he didn’t hear. But he brought them somewhere. So, this was the way to go. Your way was in Germany, the Americans, etc. we Have our own way. We live in a separate voyage only 26 years old. For human life is a lot, but for the life of the country is zilch. Therefore, we have not yet passed. I hope that it will not be forty years.

– February 21, 2014, after the shooting of the Heavenly hundred, Yanukovych went to Kharkiv. In the office of Kernes – five: Yanukovych, Kernes, Portnov and Pisarenko, and you.

– In any office Kernes was empty. I met Yanukovych in an hour after his arrival, because there was information that was mined from the airport. We waited an hour on the runway – it arrived in two helicopters, the second helicopter was a guard. We have two buses got to the residence of the regional administration. This place, which has been fully certified under the admission of people of level of the President: there was security, special communication. I and Yanukovych had been in this room since arriving. I left in the early morning of the seventh. Everyone else who was in this room, – the time will come, will tell about yourself. I don’t want to name anybody, given that we have inadequate power, absolutely crazy law enforcement system that can ask people questions absolutely stupid character and accuse them that they did not commit. I say this because I know the hard way.

– According to my information, Portnov and Pisarenko asked Yanukovych permits a quick hop to Belgorod, Russia…

They never met and no one asked. The fact that Yanukovych fled from death from Kiev. He came to Kharkov, because in Kharkiv, it was more or less calm, in comparison with Kiev. Then he was going – Donetsk, Lugansk, Crimea…

– He’s confused here?

– Absolutely confident, boasted the signed agreement. Said it was the best option for the country. When I asked him who he was to fulfill, he said that he has assurances that he gave Putin and Obama. I don’t know if he talked personally with Putin and Obama, or their assistants, but he was full of confidence that soon all this will cease to start a normal life, and all will prepare for elections, for amendments to the Constitution. All that was spelled out in the agreement, as time has shown, no one is going to do.

Is it true that Yanukovych called Portnov and Pisarenko, so they immediately returned back, and when they returned, Yanukovych said that Ukraine has bad karma, “we need to change the name of the country”. Portnow, with his characteristic humour said let’s call China, Yanukovych said that such a country already has.

Something that may be true, something is wrong. I can say that Kernes, Pisarenko, Portnow wonderful people. I am very sorry that this is the fault of the government, forced the country’s huge number of people just because they worked at the time under Yanukovych. I believe that a tailor – a person who has extraordinary legal skills, which may one night to write the law. He is a professional who needs to look any more. Instead of having to use his mind, his talent – he was deprived of the opportunity to live in this country today, because there is a real threat to the life him and his family. If only he was – he would come back.

– When you talked to Yanukovych all night, don’t you think he was crazy?

– No. Yanukovych has not gone mad. He could not control the situation, since the middle of the 13th year. With 12, the year he is instructed to do a number of directions son to other people. He took up the issues of foreign policy – that he was interested. Maybe something left in segments. But all the issues I’ve seen in the work of the administration, which before he asked me, after a 12-year didn’t bother him. And in the 13th year he has lost touch with reality. When on the Maidan were beaten, the people had to explain to him that it is necessary to complete. But, apparently, are unable to explain. I think that personally I did not have enough air to dial in the light and tell him it was time to get on the ground. Among the governors were 4-5 people who could say it to him. Was Vradiyivka, was beaten students, and I didn’t know what the value Zakharchenko as interior Minister, when people come out to protest not only because the police committed a crime, but because she is not afraid of punishment.

– If not beaten students and the resignation of Zakharchenko, and nothing would have happened to the country. It was necessary to take this step, and all.

– Would two or three heads, and this would all end. Steam would come out.

– Yanukovych Ukraine is a disaster?

– Yanukovych Ukraine is kindergarten compared to that trouble, which, unfortunately, brought all of you. You – those who are now mentally is in the country on the other side of the fence. And still, despite what I see with my own eyes, feel with your hands, feel it in their pockets, continue to argue that Yanukovych is a greater evil and there is nothing better than these people who are in power.

– I don’t claim that. I think they all are to each other.

By and large, all politics is dirt. But civilized people, a civilized society has learned to do things in a civilized way, including politics. And then for any politician no matter what his name, important taxes, security. We now live under a Constitution which, in principle, very progressive, but in post-Soviet space. We have restyled the Soviet Constitution. Today, after what happened in the country, after the society is divided by a ditch into two parts, after that we got not two worldviews, and two the mentality is different, we have to glue or stitch, and bury the ditch.

– Are you a separatist?

– Give the definition of the word “separatist”, and I’ll tell you a separatist or not.

Separatist – a person who is not satisfied with the existing borders of the state in which he lives.

I’ve doubted that I am not satisfied with the border of Ukraine?

– Participation in the Congress in Severodonetsk in 2004, the Kharkiv events…

– Let’s get away from Severodonetsk – it was a long time ago. Let’s get back to the Kharkov Congress or any other public event. If I there is something said that I would not be sitting in this Studio. Today you were in the Studio Yavorivsky, and he was saying all the things that say people who don’t know how to get rid of me. “Why judge him for economic crimes – let’s take him down for separatism”. There is no evidence. “Society wants”. With me as Governor and the man who was part of the team of Yanukovych, Crimea was part of Ukraine. Donetsk and Lugansk were the boundaries that were supposed to be and hopefully will be with us. Who are separatists in this country can not understand?

Russia stole Crimea?

– Visor. Stole-took – don’t see any difference.

– Russian troops in the Donbas have?

– Russian troops in the Donbas not. Russia in the Donbas is present. That there are no regular troops, I do not say – I’m just a layman in the status of MP, which repeats the words Muzhenko, those people who fought there. The same N. Savchenko, Hero Of Ukraine.

– Russia is guilty in the death of 10 thousand of the Ukrainians?

– Russia – another state. They live their interests. What they are doing, I could care less if it does not prevent to live to me. Why have we allowed that we someone bothers to live? In the death of tens of thousands of people from two parties guilty of those who are responsible today for what will be in the country or the world there will be war. Today I see that the world does not need anyone. Militarizing the country, it’s all done under the banner of security, asks weapons from other States. Maybe it will lead to peace? To strengthen the defense, to improve the weapons in parts, definitely, maybe. To ensure that you will get the success in military action, I suppose, that can. But the world will lead? No.

– What happened with Ukraine, to blame for all the Ukrainian authorities, starting from 1991, the year that have not found a common language with the Crimean and Donbas. Blame Yanukovych and Azarov, which led to the posts of Chairman of the SBU, Minister of defense of Russian citizens flooded all Russian agents. It all led to the fact that the Russians just took the unarmed and the Crimea and the Donbass.

– You’re wrong. You’re right, only that to blame the whole government, starting with the 1991 year. What should have been the Donbas to understand – that there was a threat of disconnection? Or Donbass somehow went wrong?

Economically it was necessary to make life good.

– They have a good life was. Look how much of Donbass in 2014 was exported refrigerators, televisions, washing machines. It was all in the homes of ordinary people. People left destitute, primarily the Ukrainian authorities.

– Your life as a result of this conflict worse?

– Of course, worse.

– Russia is guilty that has worsened your life?

I’m not a supporter of Russia. I don’t hate you, I don’t make it a fetish. We have people fall asleep and Wake up with the surname “Putin”. And she does not interest me – I never met him, never seen him live. I’m interested in Poroshenko, Avakov, Yuriy Lutsenko. I was wondering why the availability of the people shot and goes on the loose and criminal cases are closed. Why Trojan takes the bribe and close the criminal case? And these “why” I have a lot. Why do I think about Putin, if full of shit in your own house? So it is necessary to clean.

– Your money are in the West or in Russia?

– I have all the money in Ukraine.

– You are treated in the West or in Russia, in Ukraine?

– If push comes to shove, I am treated in Austria. I have a specific feature, and only there I can receive treatment. But all my children are studying here, relatives are treated here.

– You love the dollar more than the Russian ruble?

– I love the dollar more than the Euro.

– Is there a choice of where to move Ukraine – in the West or in the Eastern, Russian?

In the Eastern economically.

– Ie., there is ass, on the West – civilization, and Ukraine should move in the direction of ass?

– If you take anatomy, ass there are so many bodies there himself feel good, and without which the human body can not live. No need to watch where ass and ass. We must look where we are profitable. I’m not saying that we should do one thing instead of another. I say that for us, for our markets, our economy today is much more profitable cooperation with the countries of the Customs Union.

– I have traveled all over Russia – from beginning to end. Russia is a decaying Kingdom.

– And I see Kharkiv plants that today are no orders.

Let pereorientirovanija to the European market.

– Who we need there? Where they will let us with products that are a little higher than processed into flour grain or split chicken? Business everywhere their way will find. But a huge number of state, razgosudarstvlennyh companies that failed to shift, is on our territory. If we, as the state, the challenge is to get and stay super agricultural power – I see this as a financial term.

– Of course!

– But under one condition – people should stay up to 10 million. Are you willing to do today that we of the remaining 30.5 million half – natural way? I’m not ready.

– Are you for a United Ukraine?

– Of course.

– The Crimea and the Donbass part of Ukraine back?

– Donbass – definitely. Crimea will be harder, but I am advocating that Crimea came back here. But if you want something – you need to do something. If you want to, you gave someone an Apple you, at least, ask him. You’re not going to stand silently. If we want to return to the Crimea – you need to work, but not how these “farmers” who came, povylazili from nowhere. They are doing everything to make life difficult for those people who, as they say, betrayed Ukraine. The fact that they are not fighting for the people and for the territory, for many it is not a secret. But to return, the territory will return to the people. If you want to return the people – show them that this is their home that they love, waiting. I believe that in Crimea today as the variant is possible to enact special legislation, limited in time, then, if necessary, prolonged that will allow residents of the Crimea in connection with what happened to have dual citizenship. Without Russian passports to people going to live there uncomfortable. They can obtain a property that they have, they will be able to do business. But they can’t live without Ukrainian passport because they can’t go anywhere. What are we doing? Put a cordon on the border, comes some moron, head of the administration of Henichesk district, and shouts something to the tune of his, turns and walks away.

– A lot of morons, unfortunately.

– Need to work on this.

– Mr. Kernes said he “ordered” Avakov. You think so too?

– I believe that the wind is blowing from the other side, and who did it exactly. or someone wanted before Avakov buck… I, for example, for a long time the impression, based on my observations, the behavior of A. Gerashchenko in court as he tries to falsify the case against Kernes, as it puts pressure on the Prosecutor, on the court, sometimes hysteria on this issue – he just wants to completely hide the ends in water, planting Kernes behind bars, knowing he will not leave there alive as his health. It gives me reason to believe that he can be one of the instigators of this attempt.

– You said that you Kernes had to kill in one day. Is that so?

– It is, Yes.

– Sorry you are chained to a chair G. Kernes, smart, joyous?

I have no feelings of pity. He is a strong man. I told him that our entire entourage he’s the only one able to move as he moved. We though it broke completely, anyone to suicide. Therefore, it is not necessary to regret – it is a pity is not needed. He needs understanding and help is what he needs. Many of the things he is doing today through the “can’t”, through the pain, but he is a strong man.

Is it true that when Kernes is in trouble, you personally called Avakov to take the wounded Kernes for treatment abroad?

– No. According to Kernes helped, if I’m not mistaken, Yatsenyuk. I turned to Avakov, that he gave permission for me to go to the Conference because I didn’t know he would survive or not. He did it all.

– Avakov – your enemy?

– Avakov is my political opponent. The enemy is the one you need to kill, and I don’t like to kill. I want Avakov has experienced and lived the life that I live today, a huge number of people because of him.

– As Avakov finish?

Bad. Here or there (shows up) it will be bad. For all have in life to answer.

– You said that the current head of the presidential administration Igor rainin, and A. Gerashchenko – informants of SBU.

Is for anybody not a secret. When I worked in the regional administration, I had access to certain documents and certain information. One of the informations I figured out that the SBU has put out under the responsibility of Gerashchenko, because he is their informant. The other option I’ve seen. Two people in this case were arrested (their fate I didn’t track), and it immediately released. As for the Rainin this information from the Internet.

– You are not an agent of the FSB?

– No. Neither the FSB nor the CIA nor the SBU. Even insulting – why am I not interesting?

– Many of your comrades in the Party of regions, for the current “the opposition bloc” you don’t mean?

– I dislike traitors, by far. I don’t forgive betrayal, because betrayal is the first link in the chain. Then there is a lot of such reactions, which break human destiny and life. The consequences of betrayal can catch up with people for a long time.

– What do you mean when you said that “the Royal elite in Kiev, coronaviruses in the blood, the blood, and drown.”

– I think that is nothing new we are not going to happen. If we analyze the experience of other States, as a rule, those who came to the blood, the blood and left. When it is, I don’t know but what it will be – by far. If we have the situation in the country will “resolve” the external forces that the worst for Ukraine, then maybe the blood will not. But it will not be Ukraine – it will be GMO-variant – seems to have, but really – no.

– Why the authorities had to play the charade with your supposedly fit?

– I wouldn’t say “allegedly” because they did not stop there. Realizing that they have no prospects, and just having that got, in order to remove the immunity and to put me, now they work out other options. Now run the staff at the Kharkiv fiscal service and collect, probably, the leaves from suckers looking for where I incorrectly wrote. But most importantly, the rush to rig, assemble something leads to the fact that they are, in fact, yourself document. I recently fell into the hands of the document, according to which GPU in one letter managed three articles over in the future to collect and instruct the State fiscal service to initiate the test and to show that they are illegitimate way to got into the State register of individuals – payers of taxes.

– What the outcome of this case – you’re going down or not?

I don’t care. This thing will not end. In that case, I can not sit down. Politically they can come up with anything. Tomorrow they can say that I have an elephant killed in the Kharkov zoo. If I sit down, I will still come out. And then let them think what they will do with them. They are now working with your colleagues, media pocket, with the help of the Ministry of propaganda that journalists swallowed.

I’m not a media pocket. I and today’s government does not like. I do not like anybody who was in power in Ukraine.

– But you’re a journalist. You say you don’t like the Party of regions. And I specifically made no answer, because I myself from the Party of regions are not separated and I’m not ashamed of what I was in the Party of regions. The current government you don’t like silence, and the previous government you didn’t like hoarse throat.

– In every speech I don’t like the current government, and the Regions I don’t like even more.

The court arrested your cars, apartments and even a wine cellar. It’s a bluff?

– Are they constantly create information superiority in his field make such stuffing that people without legal training do not understand. Arrested my property – that means they seized that I have not sold the property, not presented, not spoiled. It all is under the state protection. In fact, they need it today contain. Per month to keep my house – not worth a penny. So if they decided from the state budget to contain my house – I then it will sum and put as a claim to the attorney General, as the misuse of budget funds.

– At the time you offered to transfer the capital of Ukraine to Kharkiv, where it was up to 34th. Do you still think so?

– I believe that Kiev today is not a lucky place for the Ukrainian capital. There’s always something doesn’t add up. I love Kiev, Kiev not to offend, but you have to understand who the people of Kiev here. Kiev, may, left, Muscovites, a matter of interest. But I see that doesn’t add up. Some part of the establishment, some part of state institutions could be moved to Kharkov, to other regions. And work in peace. For example, new York- business capital, and Washington the political. All the States that had seceded from the Empire of great Britain, all built a similar model.

– Kharkiv would be willing?

– Of course. There’s a huge human potential. We have only one, outside of Kiev, national Academy of legal Sciences.

– You organized a fundraiser for the restoration of the monument to Lenin. Why do you have a Lenin – do you love him?

I love Kharkov. Kharkov consists of buildings, streets, and buildings. That expensive each Kharkiv citizen from birth. Monuments including. I can’t say that I have a positive attitude to Lenin, but I don’t treat it negatively. I find it great, its the smartest man of our time. The monument is the property of the citizens. He stood in the center of our large square. Why to touch it? Why inhabitants of other cities come and take the liberty to make decisions that we should be and what should not? Most of the monuments demolished overnight without any documents, without the consent of the people. It makes people mad, they are angry. So besides – you’re build, even similar to the next. Let’s see what we have built in recent years, if the President comes to open kindergartens.

– What business do you, a Jew, brought into the Orthodox Church?

– First of all, I’m a half-Jew. My dad is a Jew. Mom has a lot of blood – Russian, Ukrainian, Ossetian. Secondly, I am not circumcised, I can show you. Thirdly – I’m wearing a cross. So I was there at the call of his heart, for me is very important. I know a huge number of people who have given themselves completely to serving the Lord. They are highly intelligent, highly decent and to me are a life example. Although, perhaps, sometimes, there are those who are brought back by a random wind. I’m there because I’m comfortable there. Without fanaticism, but I am a believer, a God-fearing man.

Your brother takes drugs or not?

– No. By its nature it is a very uncomfortable feeling in BP. And I feel comfortable there and feel there is a very complicated energy, under the dome. This is from 2004 year. I don’t know what there was in this place and say that Kiev is not suitable for the capital. My brother by birth – not a politician. He’s trying to do what you promised to people, but he’s comfortable there.

You’re a natural born politician. But why to drag brothers, sisters. He was there once – why?

– It is absolutely not superfluous. This is not it. The time will come and he will make the choice. The first time he went to PL, it was my suggestion, and I heard from Yanukovych so much negativity and so many teams was that it was not. I couldn’t understand why, but he told me that “if it is misfiring, you’re ready to leave.” I basically never came to his constituency. When he already became a member, I took the results and came to report to the party organization, and after that hit Yanukovych. I showed him the result, and Dima turned out the highest score among all the constituencies in Kharkiv region. On it Yanukovych told me: “Well, obviously, instead of working with the County did not get out?”. I told him that I was not there never in the entire campaign. Dima did this by himself – no one drags him anywhere. Now when was the election – I didn’t want to go, and he would not go. But we needed to hold as many people as possible, and he was district, where he just won.

What do you think about President Poroshenko?

– I believe that at the end of his first term, he must address the nation and say that he doesn’t go for a second term.

– Who was the best President of Ukraine for 26 years?

– Kuchma.

– Who will be the next President of Ukraine?

– Yes, whoever him was, the important part is that this man has brought peace to our land. And did everything, so we soon returned to our brothers and sisters living on the other side of the front line, and proceeded to eventually return to Ukraine in the image and the appearance that everyone remembers: hospitable, kind, safe, happy and joyful. Whoever it was, though he had three hands and two heads – I will be for him to stand.

– Thank you for the interview.